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Reading Log 1

Reflex is a classic book written by Dick Francis. This is his twenty-second book he has written. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of his novels he has written. When my mom’s cousin who is a big fan of Dick Francis gave me this, I knew it would be a good book. This book is based on the life of a Photographer. The photographer’s name is Philip Nore, the book deals with the trauma and a jockey has and how hectic his life is. In the first 50 pages of the book it deals with Philip being approached by his grandmother; (who he hates) and being asked by her to find her granddaughter. It also reveals that George Millace a recently passed away photographer has a secret black-mailing mystery and it is Philip’s job to uncover the Mystery.

As you continue to read my reading logs I hope you will become interested in them and want to read the book for yourself.

Reading Log 2

Pages 50 to 100 deal with Philip investigating the mystery and finding the granddaughter. In my opinion I think that these pages were the most boring and monotonous I have read in the whole book. However it has some high points in it. For example when Philip uncovers the first clue which is a picture of two people talking, in a caf?. This is quite exciting for Philip until he discovers who are the two men in the picture and what are they talking about. This comes as quite a surprise to everybody even myself the reader and Philip has a hard time deciding whether or not to tell his George Millace’s wife. This is a hard decision for Philip because he knows that Mrs. Millace has been recently devastated by her husband’s death. I find this to be particularly interesting, and it is parts like these that make me want to read on.

Reading Log 3

My reflections on this section are all positive. This was by far the most interesting section and difficult. Philip the main character is faced with more difficult decisions and I find these decisions to greatly affect the outcome of the book. Philip decides to try and find his sister and maybes become a full-time race photographer, a customer that wants a large job done on the stable, for insurance reasons approaches him. He decides to do the job but not become a full-time photographer. This decision intrigued me and I wanted to read on.


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