Red Badge Of Currage


Red Badge Of Currage Essay, Research Paper

Red Badge of Courage

Physical and emotional pain is what the tattered

solider illustrates in the book. The tattered solider pain

comes from all of the horrible things associated with war.

Him going crazy brings emotional pain and the physical pain

is brought on by the endurances of war. “There was a

tattered man, fouled with dust, blood and powder stain from

hair to shoes, who trudged quietly at the youths side”. The

tattered solider also characterizes the toughness people can

endear. Even through the harshness of war people will find

something inside of them, overcome it and not let it bother

them. The tattered solider goes out and lives through the

tough endurance’s of war but he finds something inside of

him to live through it.

The perfect solider is what Jim Conklin brings to

the book. Jim never complains about war and fights as good

as the next man. Many of the people look up to Jim because

he is so strong willed. The regiments almost look up to Jim

in a spiritual way finding peace inside of them when they

think of him. It is a tragedy when Jim dies because of all

of the moral inspiration he gave the regiment. True to his

character Jim dies a quiet and peaceful death not

distributing any of the regiment.

Wilson represents the two sides of human nature. In

the beginning of the book Wilson is a mean tough guy that no

one liked. This outward act of being tuff is just a cover

of the true nature of Wilson. It is natural for people to

cover their true nature in front of new faces. Towards the

end of the book Wilson starts to care about Henry. hen Henry

is injured and he doesn’t try and fight the other men

anymore. True to human nature once times start getting more

difficult and Wilson becomes more comfortable with his

surroundings he transcends into the calm compassionate

person he really is.

All of the characters in the Red Badge of Courage

represent some aspect of man either physically or

emotionally. This connection between the characters and the

reader make the book true to life and more believable. Since

the characters feel so real, physically and emotionally, the

reader has an easier time relating to them.

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