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Topic: Why is reality television popular?

Reality television is so popular because their aren’t any good actors or actresses in this world any more, therefore, people have now been creating shows that deal with ordinary people; we are far more entertaining than all those actors and actresses.

Secondly, people like reality T.V because they like to see others making actual life time mistakes. For example, a show such as Temptation Island , where people are seducing each other for basic pleasure, in order to figure out if he or she have found their real soul mate.

The audience enjoys watching reality television because there are no actual roles to be played or particular lines to be said; people are simply expressing how they truly feel.

Personally, I think that reality television is as real as it gets. I enjoy watching those types of shows because it’s interesting to know how other people think and view what is happening. I suppose that is another reason why reality television is very popular.

In this type of television, you’re not always watching people who seem extremely perfect. What you’re really looking at is people who don’t care about what others think and whom have enough confidence in themselves to perform live before millions of people, world-wide.

In conclusion, reality T.V is popular because the audience admires the types of people who are just being themselves and in order to show that they tune in to these programs!

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