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When was the last time you listened to an audio sample of your favorite music artist on your personal computer? If you answered any date at all you have Real Networks to thank. Real Networks was created by Rob Glaser in 1994 as Progressive Networks and was based out of Seattle. Since the introduction of Real Audio, Real Networks technology has grown to be the most popular format for delivering streaming multimedia over the Internet. Real Network?s initial goal has been to develop and market software and services for the average person to send and receive real-time audio samples from any computer source. Real Networks provides downloadable software for new users to register and then install to their computer. With this software an individual can now access ?more than 85% of all streaming media enabled web pages? (1). This electronic media company is still a thriving leader of its field, and with competition at a minimal, its possibilities are endless.

Real Networks technology has become a ?must have? for any computer users. Thousands of internet broadcasters stream more than 300,000 hours of Real Audio and Real Video of live sports, music, news, or entertainment per week, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of sites that broadcast pre-recorded media. As of November of 1998, more than 80 million Real Audio players have been downloaded from the Real Networks? homepages at a rate of about 150,000 copies per day. (56) The Real Networks technology has grasped many big name corporations such as CNN, ABC, Buick, Gap, and Intel to advertise to consumers and attract new buyers. ?Real Audio was the pioneer in streaming internet audio and is still the best?, says PC Magazine. (12) With the advantages of Real Networks, companies and consumers have opened a new window of marketing on the internet.

Real Networks offers two main products; RealPlayer and RealJukebox. First of all RealJukeBox is exactly what the name says. After this program is downloaded and installed, it allows a person to download music from the internet and store it on their personal computer. These sound files are called MP3?s and can be searched for and downloaded for free. The next product from Real Networks is its most popular one and that is the RealPlayer. The RealPlayer has two separate components built in, one for audio and another for video. The RealPlayer is also free to download and also plays MP3?s. The advantage Real Networks offers to its competitors is that all of its software in its simplest forms are free to consumers. This free marketing attracts companies and business?s to advertise and support Real Networks. Real Player also offers quality near that of a CD and provides consumers with a SmartEQ that automatically optimizes computer audio settings. These two products offered by Real Networks have revolutionized streaming media for computer users and created a useful market of advertising for business?s.

In conclusion Real Networks is a successful company because it is a pioneer in its field. The internet had very little audio content before Real Networks introduced a decent and affordable streaming audio device. Since the start of Real Networks, innovations and progress were obtained only by them and not a competitor. Real Networks has pioneered its way through the market to establish its name along with their product. Since the invention of these two products, the markets for audio and video on the internet have exploded. Real Networks has found a product and service to offer that is affordable and very convenient for the consumer?s wants and needs, and that is the purpose of existence for any business.

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