Reading And Comprehension


Reading And Comprehension Essay, Research Paper

Reading and Comprehending

English is a strong complex language. It can be very difficult to read and comprehend. To ask one, who s first language is not English they would tell you that English is painstakingly hard to understand. That is why people need to learn to read and understand what they read. Students in grade 11 are emphasized to be able to comprehend what they read. For a student who understands what they read it is easier for one to learn the material. As for one who is unable to comprehend the reading, it would be more difficult for the student to learn what is needed to be learnt.

In grade 11, students are taught many techniques to be able to have the ability to read many tough written books, plays, and poetry. It can be very hideous for a student to understand what they read from authors like Shakespeare, who s writing methods are from ones of the 18th to 19th century. There are many types of English as well. For example there is proper English which most people do not talk but try to write. Then there is street or laymen English, which is what most people speak, by using terms like slang and profanity. Also there is Old English which is English spoken by Shakespeare and people from the past in England. Old English might be the hardest to understand, because of the arrangement of words. For example I Brian, is thy master of the English language .

Buy giving students the tools to be able to read, write and comprehend the English language it will help them in life. By given them the essentials it gives them a head start. People using proper English have a better chance because many people who see folks with these skills; they are labeled intelligent and comprehensive. Hence giving them a chance to receive a well paying occupation, to support them in the future.

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