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A Day At the Races

An upper class tourist attends the races in the countryside South of France. As the couple rides smoothly in their stationary horse carriage, the man stops to contemplate the good times he has enjoyed since his first race. The carriage?s passengers comprised of a coachman, a small, black dog, and two women-one carrying a baby while the other holds a parasol. They celebrate the birth of their child and he returns to the scene of his favorite pastime only to enjoy it with his wife as well as with his newborn son. The man, Shawn Maguire, is a wealthy aristocrat in the carriage takes a look around and immediately he is relieved to see the landscape remains the same, a flat green expanse. In the distance, he notices the racehorses bolt across the green pasture as several onlookers, mounted upon their horses, move about.

The azure sky is vast, and is filled with feathery clouds. It reminds the monsieur of his child. Mr. Maguire dressed in a gray suit with a black hat sits comfortably in the horse carriage and overlooks the field. He is noticed by all his friends and colleagues, after all, what is a celebration without any guests of honor. Mr. Maguire would meet with an assortment of artists, professionals, and aristocrats on the green expanse for intellectual discussions on art and literature. Sometimes he would get together with his friends on behalf of talent and skill on the horses. The beginnings of a marvelous relationship sparked betwixt the words of aversion and praise that filled the air on the racing field. However, Maguire proved to be rather opinionated, spending the greater part of his visits to the races sulking alone in a distant area. He found difficulty in explaining his far-fetched opinions and positions, especially in French; in fact, he felt they needed no explanation. The races were indeed a haven, if you will, for these people. Relationships were made and left continued on the fields.

Small shadows? the figures cast and the parasol held by Maguire?s wife suggest the time of day is afternoon. One of his friends leaves the Maguires? in peace as he trods along nonchalantly in his horse-carriage with his back rested on top of his carriage. He knows Maguire dedicated this afternoon at the races with his family, although he frequently engages in small talk whenever he meets with his friends. Furthermore, most of his comrades have agreed to leave Monsieur Maguire in peace for they know he wants to spend quality time with his family. To Maguire?s right a tiny man far in the distance stands atop of his horse. Similarly, a group of three onlookers to the left appear to be directly next to the back of the carriage. However, Maguire?s closer observation reveals their identity: it is Mathias Grunewald, Pete Pastelwathe, and Giovanni Arnolfini. As the three make eye contact with Maguire they wave in good-humor. The man in the middle yells, ?We could use a future mayor for our next generation!? Maguire is grateful for his companions? enthusiastic support of his newborn son. Further in the distance of the three onlookers, two racehorses, galloping across the green plane are competing. One of the racehorses that are leading the race hopes to win a Stanley cup trophy in dedication to the Mayor Maguire to commemorate and congratulate his newborn son. On the other hand, the racehorse trailing behind him is jealous of the mayor?s success vies to bring his competitor to shame. The racehorse trailing behind the other is a rival and nemesis of the mayor.

The history between them is unforgiving in the hearts of both of them. It all started dating back in mid of 1800?s when the mayor?s wife, Josie, was a formal lover of the racehorse competitor. The racehorse competitor was a wealthy merchant in the city of Paris. The prominent merchant helped Josie financially, who at the time sold produce on the streets. However, the wealthy merchant of his town was caught having an affair with the daughter of a well-known artist. Soon afterwards the wealthy merchant became the talk of the town and the foolish shenanigans he engaged with the artist daughter. Shocked in disbelief, Josie when into permanent solitude. Although, the wealthy merchant?s reputation was damaged she managed to salvage her own. Josie who did not want to become a victim of an adulterous relationship became reassured one she met the mayor. The mayor was able to console her emotionally and there was only a matter of time that Josie realized she needed to bury her past and start a new life. She found a loophole out of the whole charade with the merchant and strongly believed the better life resided with the mayor. Soon upon their marriage the mayor vowed to the seek retribution on the wealthy merchant by banishing from the city of Paris. Now the only prized possession the wealthy merchant has is to obtain is the trophy he has longed for to put his competitor to shame and to put a whole mockery of the celebration by beating his opponent, who the mayor has trusted to win.

However, the victory of the mayor?s trusted racehorse is indisputed. At last, the mayor?s final moment has come to an end. The wager as proposed by the merchant and the mayor was the loser had to be ostracized from the country of France permanently. Upon his victory Monsieur Maguire gazes adoringly at his child. While he carefully stares, the boys young physiognomy reflects his own. His thoughts dwell on how his son can be his successor as a future aritocrat. Maguire can sense that his son will one day become an excellent mayor for the town as well as its people.

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