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I know about things I shouldn’t know about. Things most people dont know about, and dont want to. Rape.A word that haunts many. A year ago, I was at a party with my best friend. We were drunk, apperntly she was more than I. I wanted to leave, I didn’t want to go without her though. But, she wanted to stay with her new boy friend. So I left. I walked the 4 miles home, drunk. From what I heard, after I left, she did the same… with her new guy. Everything I say is both speculation and fact. She drove him home, they took a detour to a field where you can see everything from, it was late, so they decided to sit in a tree and watch the sun rise. Moments later he managed to get her down and lay in the grass, to look at the stars. After that, I can only guess. Because she was found days later naked, with cuts abd bruises, and her clothes all over the field. My best friend was raped and murdered.

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