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Radiologists interpret radiographs. They examine the internal structure and functions of organ systems. Some of the tasks that are included in this field is watching the process of injected dyes through the body by using x-rays. Radiologist can treat malignant tumors with x-rays and try to stop its growth.

If one has a high ability to learn and understand theories, instructions, and procedures, to make judgments based on experience and ability to make quick and accurate decisions in emergencies are very helpful in becoming a radiologist. Some other things are being able to coordinate hands and fingers well and being able to work well with and mentor others. These are all personal characteristics that may be natural and can be improved through use.

Radiologists work in many different places. They work in private offices, health clinics, emergency rooms, and hospitals. Radiologists have different hours that can be long. Some may work up to 60 hours per week.

The more time one takes to become a radiologist usually results in a higher income. Pay does vary depending on the specialty, level of education, geographic region, experience, skill, personality, professional reputation, and hours worked. Entry pay rages form $5,000 to $17,986 per month. Experienced pay ranges from $5,000 to $18,316 per month. Top pay ranges from $12,818 to $29,076 per month. And a few earn top pay that exceeds $40,000 per month.

The benefits of becoming a radiologist vary widely. The most common benefits are paid sick leave, paid holidays, paid vacation, and membership to a health care plan. Self employed workers must arrange for their own benefits.

To become a radiologist one must first become a physician. Before attending medical school a premedical curriculum should be taken in an accredited college with a major in Science, Biology, or Chemistry. Very rarely are students without undergraduate degrees admitted to medical school. Graduation form medical school is required and each school has its own admission requirements. Medical colleges require students to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). It is very hard to get into medical school because it is very competitive and can be very expensive.

One does not have to get a license for all occupations. Some occupations require only certification, credentials, or professional registration before being able to work in the field. People who have been convicted of a crime may have restrictions against getting their license and also may be rejected. Licenses are renewable biannually. There are about 75,081 licensed Physicians and Surgeons in California.

Opportunities for advancement vary in occupations, depending on the type and size of the employer, occupation, economic situation, and supply and demand for workers.

Radiologists are often employed to work at medical groups, heath maintenance organizations, radiology laboratories, and health clinics. They may also work for local, state, and federal government agencies. Openings may be listed in professional journals. Some employers hire students from colleges and universities.

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