Quality Vs Old Fasion


Quality Vs Old Fasion Essay, Research Paper

Quality vs. Old Fashion

With the introduction of DVD technology, VHS videotapes are eventually going to be put out of production. Just like compact disks have taken over cassette tapes. Although cassette tapes are still being produced, they are not as popular as they were during the late 70’s and early 80’s. There are different aspects between a DVD and a VHS movie that include picture quality, sound quality, and special features that were not in the theater version.

The first thing someone will notice when watching a DVD movie is the “Significantly better video quality than standard VHS”. The picture is more crisp and clear than it is on a VHS. This is because DVDs are made from digital technology. Some DVDs offer a wide screen version or a formatted screen version of the movie. The difference between the two is that the formatted screen version is cropped and fits a television screen. The wide screen version is the version that is played at the movie theater. More of the picture can be viewed with the wide screen version than the formatted version, but there are two black bars at the top and bottom of the screen that have to be ignored while watching the movie. Another difference between the two concerning picture quality is the tracking feature on VHS. This is not a feature on a DVD. As long as the disk is in good condition there will be no locked or chattered images (DVD vs. Video Tape, home page).

The next noticeable difference between DVD and VHS is the sound quality. The sound quality on DVD is very clear. Whereas a VHS will have some static in the sound. Some companies include a surround sound feature called Dolby Surround Sound. Those who have a home entertainment system can take advantage of this feature. Although the feature is still noticed without an entertainment system. The surround sound feature on a DVD will have better quality than a VHS. Someone could be satisfied with the VHS surround sound quality, but the static that would not be on a DVD video will still be there.

One of the most magnificent features of a DVD is the special features screen. Different options can be selected from the special features screen on a DVD that you would not find on a VHS. More information can be learned about the film with the special features. Features like out takes, soundtrack video, the making of the movie, choice between different languages, and various other options. Some VHS videos may have out takes and other features at the end of the movie, but then there is the inconvenience of having to fast forward to the end of the movie just to view them. With a DVD you can simply choose the option and go right to the selection. Another feature of a DVD is the not having to rewind feature. You still have the rewind button so you can search through the movie, but you don’t have to rewind the movie when it’s over.

In conclusion, DVDs may cost a little more than VHS videotapes, but it will be worth the extra couple of dollars. When you buy a DVD you are buying a better quality of the movie than you would get with a VHS tape. DVDs have more features to offer, better picture quality, and better sound quality. With this said, why would anyone still decide to buy a VHS tape?

Cisco Inc. “DVD vs. Video Tape.” Todd’s DVD Page. (17 February 2001) *http://www.ultranet.com/~tshort/dvdframe.htm*

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