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Main characters: The main characters are Uncle Beazley the dinosaur, Nate Twitchel the owner of the dinosaur and Doctor Ziemer the scientist. The setting is in Freedom New Hampshire and it is summer there.

Problem: It will turn winter soon and there is no place for the dinosaur to stay.

Main events: The main events are when the enormous egg hatches and a baby dinosaur comes out. But Nates mom will not let him keep the dinosaur in the garage. Doctor Ziemer brought Nate and the dinosaur to Washington because it was not snowing there but the police wont allow them to keep their dinosaur there. They then bring him to a zoo but the same thing happens again. They then go to the supreme court with the senator and he said that he will shoot it and stuff it and put it in his room. When everybody votes for the dinosaur and they get to keep the dinosaur at the zoo.

The ending of the book: The ending of the book is that Nate Twitchel leaves Washington to return home and the people back in Freedom make a welcome home parade for him.

Comments: I like this book because it is funny and exciting. I think my Classmates should read it because there are a lot of different things like you having an enormous egg and a dinosaur coming out of it.

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