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Any material contained here after is not

to be taken seriously on the grounds that

it was written when all of the mortal and/or normal

world should be and probably is asleep and the

author may and probably does have a distorted

interpretation and/ or perception of reality and

of the facts contained , so the material proceeding

this disclaimer does not necessarily represent the

authors views of reality, pyrite, family values, and

whatever other information he doesn’t remember

he put in this report at the time of writing but still

did whether or not he believes it to be true and/ or

interesting ,which it probably isn’t, weather you like it or not…

Pyrite, also known as Fools Gold is the most

common of the sulfide minerals. Pyrite is called

Fool’s Gold because of it’s pale brass yellow color

and glistening metallic luster, but it may be told from

gold by it’s cubic, dodecahedral, and octahedral

crystals and fine grain masses. Some interesting facts

about pyrite are that it has a greenish black streak, a

rating of 6.0 to 6.5 on the mohs scale, a specific

gravity of 5.00 to 5.02 , it creates a weak electric

current when heated and in some of it’s various form’s

it has been used in early fire arms and fire starting

kits. It’s biggest commercial use is in making sulfuric

acid but it is also important in nature for forming ore

and mineral deposits. Any questions?

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