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In “The Puritan and Sex,” Edmund S. Morgan state that “Sexual intercourse was a human necessity.” The Puritans are without limitations when it comes to sexual intercourse. They may commit adultery, fornication, or rape in order to gratify their desires. One reason for the abundance of sexual offenses was the number of men in the colonies who were unable to accommodate their sexual desire in marriage. As a result, Puritans issued fines and punishment for unsuccessful marriage and sexual abuse. Furthermore children are encouraged to get married as soon as possible, and also their parents may arrange marriages to provide suitable husbands and wives. On the contrary, servants will confront every challenge to meet their needs, even though God had forbidden sexual intercourse outside of marriage. For instance, they may sneak out of their master’s house to meet another companion. They may also invite them into the house. On the other hand they may stay home and have sexual intercourse with another servant. In sum, the Puritans aim to prevent these crimes by enforcing laws and punishment

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