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During a warm and lucid evening in September my life would change forever. Something like this does not just happen to anyone; fate decides who deserves such a wake up call. That seemed to be the last night I expected a scene so horrifying to happen because the vibe of the whole evening was uplifting. Everything seemed perfect since everyone happened to be in that happy-go-lucky mentality. We did not expect the events that were to follow later that evening.

I heard the restlessness in his voice. ?You got a light?? Steve questioned with eagerness. He was not the only one with the anxious tone to his voice. I hooked him up with that so needed light to calm his nerves a little. We were on an excursion to one of the greatest places in the world: New York. Steve, Dennis, and I had planned this journey for several weeks now. Our anticipation grew immensely. The outing was to a club in New Rochelle which would be a new experience for all of us. Riding in the car seemed ominous.

?Na man, you gotta take the exit for the George Washington Bridge,? I nearly screamed at Steve when he almost took the wrong exit, which would have put us in a position we absolutely did not want to be.

?Alright, DICK? he sarcastically replied.

After what seemed like an eternity we hit the right exit and it put us down the road from the club. We arrived, jumping furiously out of the car and hauling ass to the line at the front of the club. At the club there were many DJ?s and live acts that I looked forward to catching. Fortunately I got to see most of them. The experience was quite a relief after that car ride.

The inside of the club appeared amazingly pleasing to the eye. The surroundings were the most comfortable of leather couches and a balcony over the main floor that was humongous. More than two hundred people occupied the balcony alone: drinking, talking, and staring awestruck at the sights, which included a thirteen foot tall glass case housing two six foot long iguanas and two sixteen-foot long Burmese pythons.

After a few hours the party ended and patrons dispersed including my friends and I. Once outside, the masses gathered around handing out flyers that would most likely end up with a new home on the sidewalk. Following the insanity at the front of the club, my friends and I walked back to the car joking about all the madness we had witnessed. Suddenly, a man in a tow truck pulled up to the light we happened to be walking past. Another fairly large man pulled up next to him in a Blazer.

None of us expected what was to happen. To our surprise, the two men started arguing. The man in the tow truck starting talking to us for some reason. He said to us sort of sarcastically, ?You don?t call this guy a fat ass, you?re all a bunch of wussies!? Given our mental state at the time and our upbringing, we went along as if it were a joke. We replied, laughing, ?Ah you fat ass.? We stood to the left of the Blazer and to the right the tow truck sat. After the comments the man in the tow truck made, the obese man became extremely heated and violently throwing a glass bottle right at the man in the tow truck, hitting the door of the truck, shattering into pieces and slicing the man?s face, arms, and God knows what else. He was not going to take that. He pulls out a twelve gauge shotgun, cocks it, and pulls the trigger. My friends and I nearly urinating in our pants, jumped for cover into an alley right behind us. I didn?t hear any gunshots, though. The guy forgot to load the gun! They both angrily sped off and that was the last we saw of them.

Following the chain of lightning fast events, we realized that we were in the line of fire the whole time. Fortunately for us, the one man was an idiot. Since then, I?ve had a newfound respect for life.

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