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At there is an article dealing with therapy, well sort of. When most people think of therapy, they think of people who are having problems, people who don’t know what to do, well in this article there is a new look on therapy. It’s actually not even called therapy, it’s called coaching. Coaches are therapists who want to work with highly motivated clients who are not fragile, and who want to make BIG changes in their life on their profession or business. In fact, the more coaches there are, the more quickly the public will find the effectiveness and convenience and benefits of having a personal coach. Psychologist turned coaches repeat that not only is coaching lucrative and professionally satisfying, it is delightful to help clients nationally and internationally (via tele-coaching) while sitting by the pool or on the deck in jeans or shorts. Many coaches themselves have coaches. Many coaches are trained just to be coaches and are not therapists to begin with, yet those who have psychological training have so much more of an edge. Just as APA is for psychologists, coaches have ICF, International Coach Federation that brings together all coaches as one professional body. The ICF has recently instituted a process to credential coaches in order to insure quality standards for anyone hiring a personal or professional coach. Life coaching is an evolutionary step beyond therapy, and therapists who have made the shift say it has revitalized their lives and helped them reclaim the spirit that attracted them to mental health training in the first place. The coaching relationship is as energizing to coach as it is to the client and for the therapist who sill enjoys working with challenging psychological disorders, this can be a nice balance to one’s professional life. Coaches who are hired re usually hired for longer periods of time allowing clients to build stronger more trusting relationships. For some situations psychologists, instead of coaches, find it necessary to focus on less psychologically demanding problems from patients. Often these psychologist want to focus on things like depression and other psychological disordered instead of seeing patients dealing with stress, anxiety, worry, and other symptoms dealing with occupation or personal relationships. Many time people just need a coach to help guide them through these minor incidents, compared to major one of clinical psychological disorders. Life coaching also goes beyond improving one’s present life and moves the client into designing a desired and compelling future. No one really NEEDS a coach, but once they find out what it is and how a coaching relationship can assist him or her, they WANT it. Many people who never even thought of therapy often find coaches to be very helpful in making their lives fulfilling. Coaching is a special form of consulting that is a co-creative partnership wherein the main focus is the client’s agenda and his or her desire for creating a fulfilling life, personally and professionally. Coaches are now being hired by corporate heads to help their highest professionals. Diane Menendez, PH.D., and executive coach in Cincinnati states, “Often we act as if coaching in the corporate environment is for ‘fixing’ problems and sometimes it is to prevent leaders from derailing. But the real value of coaching for leaders are these outcome: though coaching they discover their true gifts as a person and a leader; they learn to live from inside out; and they discover their purpose, values, and how to create their lives and their leadership so that they are living authentically.” In a study done, productivity increased 88% from those who train alone to those with coaches. In today’s world, workplace relationship and the value of and the integration of emotional intelligence (from the work of Daniel Goleman) who better to promote and address these issues within the corporate culture, than an experienced therapist who has become a coach. The combination of a therapist credentials and trained as a coach is very attractive in today’s corporate environment. Therapists can be exceptional coaches as long as they learn the distinction between therapy and coaching and develop the business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to build a successful business. A person does not need to be “sick” to seek a coach. In fact, it is the healthy person who wants more out of life and does not want to settle for mediocrity that sees the benefit of a coach.

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