Pros & Cons Of Cohabitation Essay, Research Paper

Pros & Cons of Cohabitation

Society and its attitudes are changing. Today’s divorce rate is now around 50% and marriage isn’t what it once was. With today’s rates of cohabitating couples rising rapidly, there are many reasons couples live together before marriage, but is it a good idea?

Cohabitation acts as a trial for couples that are close to marriage, but are nervous and want a little assurance that they are compatible. If they still want to make the commitment after seeing one another at their worst, then it must be really meant to be. Still, there is something else to consider. Women who are looking to get a ring on their finger may shy away from giving sex to their boyfriends. It’s a fear for most that if a man is getting all the special things of marriage without a lifelong commitment, he may take his sweet time before popping the question, or may not ask at all.

One saying is, “I was spending every night at his house anyway, so it just made since for me to move in.” Many couples have very busy lives and want to spend as much time together as possible. While they may not be ready for a lifelong commitment, they know that, right now at least, they want to spend their lives together, and this is much easier if they are living in the same house. On the other hand, studies show that women who live with their lovers are less likely to marry. Also, when couples live together before marriage, their subsequent marriages are reported as less satisfying and the divorce rate for those types of relationships are much higher.

Couples who split the expense of one household find themselves paying less on rent, cooking for two and splitting the cost of meals, and saving money in many other ways that add up. This is especially attractive for University students, who find themselves short on funds and usually need to live with a roommate anyway. What cohabitating couples don’t realize is they are missing out on all the great things in tradition. There’s something very romantic about a husband carrying his new bride over the threshold of their new home. Some consider moving in together without a wedding to be a tantamount to opening your presents before your birthday, and taking the special things out of all these traditional firsts.

Couples are choosing to live together before marriage more often than any other time in recent history. Many, especially young people, now think of cohabitation as a logical step between dating and marriage. What will happen to the husband and wife tradition?

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