Property Rights


Property Rights Essay, Research Paper

Systematically apply ethical and legal analysis to property rights issues

Use reason and evidence to defend opinions about legality and ethicality

Contrast legal and ethical conclusions

Identify real world applications of property law concepts

Fair use doctrine

Ethical responsibility transcends legal responsibility

Issue of completing claims – shareholders, employees, inventors, developers, etc.

Issue of trustperson and/or data

Hidden agendas?

Tunnel vision – view things in context

Long term and short term benefits and consequences

Gain competitive advantage by being forthright and honest

Duty to inform

Intent to use or share info

Request permission

Sense of goodwill and broad based benefit

Societal benefits outweigh individual rewards?

Avoid a confidential relationship

Compensation for use

Treat as an end or as a mean?

Proprietary or confidential

Issue of trust

Think more broadly – think in context

Take conditions as they find them? Might reduce us to tunnel vision. Narrow view ethically.

What happens to my broader business community, to me, my company if others knew how I was treating this information.

Consequences to former employer

Owner notified vs owners permission

Honesty or full disclosure

Ethical norms, ethical models, standards to which I hold conduct to

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