Promote Malaysia On A Shoestring Budget


Promote Malaysia On A Shoestring Budget. Essay, Research Paper

It is not an easy task to promote Malaysia to the foreign countries with only a small budget available. However, there is nothing impossible as long as we have the courage to do it. As we all know, Malaysian government as well as private sectors sponsors students to continue their studies to the foreign countries every year. Even though I don t really know the exact number of Malaysian who studied abroad at this present moment, but I do believe there are probably more than 5,000 of them including myself. All Malaysian students who study in foreign countries would be automatically call the Malaysian Small Embassy ; therefore, it is a very good idea to use students through Malaysian Student Association to promote Malaysia in the foreign countries.

Since the government knows where most of Malaysian pursuing their studies abroad, the government or private sectors could send at least one representatives to the universities where there are many Malaysian Students pursuing their studies. For example, at Hawaii Pacific University, there are more than 100 Malaysian Students registered with the organization and through Malaysian Student Association, each year we organize the Ala Moana Center Stage which will shows the variety of Malaysian traditional culture such as Malay dance , India, Chinese, as well as small community culture in Malaysia such as Rungus dance, Bajau, Bidayu, and etc. In addition to that, we also shows the Malay tradition coustome, and the way to the American people.

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