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Process Analysis Essay

Marriage is one of the major rights of passage in life. It is a change of status that involves

all the emotional baggage that comes with such changes. Marriage is one of the few rights of

passage that I, myself have chosen to undertake. Once my fianc? and I made the desciscion to

get married, the next step was to plan the wedding.

The first thing I had to do was to set a date. Choosing a date was not a simple task,

considering I had to keep in mind of family commitments, other events, the length that some

guests had to travel, and weather conditions. I knew that I wanted to be a summer bride, so I

decided the best time would be around labor day. It would be the end of the summer, and a new

beginning for me.

Next, I went to the library and checked out all the books that I could find on weddings. I

read each one carefully and took notes. Also I asked family members and friends about their own

weddings. I asked questions about everything from weddings dresses to flower arrangements.

The Internet was also is very informative. I logged onto the Internet and read many interesting

stories about other people and their weddings.

The third problem that I had to face was, “What kind of wedding do I want?” I had to

choose from an ultra-formal, formal, semiformal, or informal. Determining how formal the

wedding is to be will is to be would help establish the overall wedding strategy. The level of

formality determines, to a great extent, the overall cost of the wedding. I chose the formal layout,

which is the most typical wedding format..

Then there is finding a ceremony site. Since most of our friends are in North Carolina,

we decided to have it here and not in Texas where my fianc? was raised. I decided to have the

ceremonies held in the church that I grew up in. Choosing a ceremony site was not that hard,

since I also decided that the reception also would be held at the church.

The next thing was choosing the participants. I chose my sisters and friends for brides

maids. My niece and little cousin would be the flower girls. Next, I went and asked each one to

participate in the wedding, at which time they very gladly accepted.

Choosing a wedding gown would be the hardest task. I saw so many gowns the were so

beautiful. First, I decided how much I wanted to spend on the gown. Then, I had to chose the

color that would be the best for me. So after going to one-hundred different shops, and several

wedding shows, I picked the gown that most made me feel like Cinderella.

Next, came the hiring of the musician , the catering, photographer, and florist. I was

fortunate enough to find the One Stop Shop. They were highly recommended. At the One Stop

Shop, they do it all. With the combination of services that they provided, I was exhilarated to

learn that they had reasonable pricing.

Sending out the invitations is the second-to-last event that needed to be planned. The

Invitations are to be mailed approximately four to six weeks prior to the wedding. The envelopes

are to be hand addressed in ink matching the printed ink on the invitation itself.

Finally, the planning of the honeymoon. The key is to plan ahead and make every minute

count. I decided on a week in Hawaii would be the means to get much needed rest. After

planning a wedding, the only thing I can say is, “Thank God! I only have to go through this


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