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Spring is coming soon, and the body is looking a little flabby, what can I do to shape up? How can I build lean muscle before spring? Do I need to be an expert at weight training? What if I cannot afford a membership at the gym? Do these questions sound familiar? If they do, I have some very simple solutions to each of these questions. Everyone wants to be able to go to the beach and look good, but these same people do not know how to attain the body to do so. The answers to these questions are as simple as one, two, three. Achieving a well-toned body is attainable by adhering to the following steps.

The first step in attaining a well-toned body, is to enjoy the exercise program. It is a known fact that, half the people who start a program drop out within the first three weeks due to the lack of motivation. Several strong determinants can increase the chances of continued participation, such as, spousal support, available time, access to equipment, and enjoying what one is doing. If these few determinants are evident, success is only a heartbeat away. The best way to keep it fun, is to make it feel new each time they do the exercise.

Step number two in this process is to keep the program organized. I just do not have time is one of the most frequent excuses for not exercising. As busy adults, we plan our daily schedule around work, school, family and leisure activities. However, working out and exercising needs to be a priority if one wants to truly succeed in the program. The minute we allow ourselves to argue, Do I have the time to work out today? we have already decreased the chances of success.

Step three is to make exercise a habit. The most effective way to make exercise a part of the daily routine is to set aside a set time each day, and strictly maintain this schedule from week to week. This not only establishes a habit, pattern, or a custom, but also holds one accountable to those who know about their schedule. Before long people will be asking, How was the workout? also How much did you lift? Making excuses to ones self for not working out may be easy, but making them to others becomes more difficult.

Those same family and friends can become your greatest allies, as to maintaining your exercise regimen. Spousal support is one of the highest contributors to the success of exercise adherence. Some people even try to educate their spouses about all aspects of their program, including their goals, the duration and frequency of the workout, one can even suggest working out together. Working out with a buddy, family member, or even a spouse can increase motivation dramatically.

Step four, make the workout convenient. A common reason people have for not exercising is a lack of convenient facilities. If the commute to the gym is long, most probably will not continue to go, also if the hours are limited, or the club is too crowded. I suggest shopping around for the gym that best fits ones needs, remembering that one can get a great basic workout in a simple gym, or even at home. Some of the best workout programs can be done in the privacy of their own home.

When setting up an exercise program always remember to be realistic, do not shoot for the moon. Working out may look glamorous, especially in those television ads, or in magazines. One needs to remember that they are a beginner, and initial experiences could be uncomfortable. One can expect to grow sore, and the treadmill may become monotonous. One might also find themselves dreading the next workout, if this happens do not dwell on the negative, feed on the positive. What one tells themselves has more of an influence than they often realize. It is also good to have realistic expectations, so one will not be disappointed. One needs to remember that they are not going to lose thirty pounds of fat, or gain fifteen pounds of muscle in just one month.

Step five, keeping track of the progress made. Keeping a record of what is done during these workouts will help one see what they have accomplished. The log can contain, start up information such as, body weight, measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol levels. Training specifics should include; distance or time doing cardiovascular exercise, weight, number of repetitions, sets completed, and what body parts were involved. This self monitoring technique helps to stick with the program, and gives visual feedback plus an accurate record of ones progress toward their goals.

The final step is to enjoy their success. This exercise regimen will not only change ones body, but their attitude as well. They will feel better about their physique and their overall well being, and they will appreciate the value of training. Getting started may have been hard, keeping it going may have been harder, but one will now know they can do it and continue to improve a little every day.

In contradiction with the old saying, No pain no gain Exercise is a choice that one must make, a choice that not only benefits the body, but the mind as well. The body many have always wanted is not a dream, but it is a reality.

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