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In a time long ago lived a woman ,a princess to be persices. She had long gold hair that shined like gold in the bright sun ,her eyes were green like the grass which she sate upon to read to her best friend a dragon. Thoue no one in the kigndom new of her friendship with the dragon ,they new the dragon lived beyond the deeps of the woods of the kingdom ,and all to often she was told not to venture so far from the castle for fear the dragon would set upon her for feast ,but the princess still young at age and heart new of no such fear . One day she found him traped in the hunters trapping device ,it was just his toe but none the less he was crying in pain ,so the princess freed him and the dragon vowed that she would always be his friend and he would look after her in the forest always . And as the days drew hotter she found herself wanting to be near the lovly dragon ,and since she was so well with the word of the book she would spend hours reading to the dragon and this he so loved for he also loved the company of tthe small lovly princess. Well one day as the princess read to the dragon the two fell to slepp under a great tree next to the brook ,and as was told the king feard his daughter was taken by what he thought a evil hungry dragon and sent his men out to hunt the girl and kill the beast once and for all . As the soilders aproched the slepping dragon not seeing the princess upon the other side of him, the princess awakend and rose as the arows shot towards her and the dragon. The two died and the king morend for his daughters death as did the kingdom and all thought she would be the angle whatching over them but they all forgot the biggest angel in there midst neglicted , the angels two whatched over the kingdom and forgave them all for now they were blessed to spend eternity togther.

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