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The City of Miami is headed no-where regarding its future said Ronald Hofsteider, an environmental science professor at the University of Miami. ?Though Miami has come a long way in history, the future seems very bleak,? he added.

At a symposium held at the University of Miami to discuss the past, present, and future of Miami, four professors tried to answer the question, ?What will the city consist of during the year 2000?? These professors included George Hernandez, a professor of architecture, who currently runs his own firm in Coral Gables; George Wilson, assistant professor of sociology; Fred D? Aguiar, a local writer and film producer, and Ronald Hofsteider.

Hernandez whom has been in Miami since 1962, expressed his views by saying, ?Cities should be built around infrastructures. Building a city is building a future.?

Hernandez , who submitted drawings for the Brickell Bridge, which is located in downtown Miami, is a firm believer in this philosophy. Though his exact plans for the bridge were not used in its construction, he did see his plans as a start for the city. The point he stressed most frequently was using structures of buildings to tell stories of the city?s history. This means designing noticeable objects on buildings that relate to the city.

Although Hernandez argued his points distinctly, Wilson totally disagreed. Wilson said cities revolve around racism, and how can we look toward the future if we have no idea of where we?ve come?

?In order to understand our future, we must first be aware of the immigration that is taking place now,? Wilson said. ?Miami has the highest level of immigrants and is the best place to study immigration in the world. Everyone knows that there is a strong barrier of racism throughout the U.S., but how can we put this behind us in order to move toward the future?? Wilson added.

Jim Hanan, class of ?62, summed up, saying, ?We all must practice what we preach. There is no need to discuss any matters of our future if we don?t plan to act.?

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