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Powers of the Presidency

The President of the United States is probably the most powerful and influential person in the whole world. Alone, he has full control over the Executive Branch and has a lot of roles that he is the leader of. With this in mind, I think that the power given to the President is still balance along with the Legislative and Judicial Branch. Of course, each branch can not have equal powers because of the different tasks and it causes controversy when the President is abusing his powers. The reasons I believe that the President s powers are balance is because Congress and the Supreme Court control them. As long as the powers are being used correctly and for good intentions, there is nothing wrong for the President to have that kind of authority. Also, for whatever reason that the President is taking advantage of his powers for personal and selfish acts, he can be taken out of office. The power of the President was established so that the government would be more efficient in acting upon important tasks. If it was to be more limited, the process and time needed to get things done would take longer than it takes now to pass a law, or enforce any regulations.

The President does seem to have powers that are almost unlimited to what he wants to do, but it doesn t work when he s by himself. His Cabinet is working with him and helping in the various departments. It is not always the President. The work just goes through the President and he has to approve of it or not. The only power that may be the most discussed about is his power with the military. During wartime, the President has a lot of authority. Congress did allow the President to do almost whatsoever necessary in order to keep the nation with the upper hand. The economy and industries private or not that is helpful to the nation can be taken over and used. There shouldn t be anything wrong because it is for a good purpose of the nation as a whole.

Any case, the President s Powers is fine the way it is. It s been successful most of the time and worked better then without it in the Articles of Confederation. If that power invested in the President ever is misused, he can be impeached. The Constitution (Supreme Court) and Congress keeps the President s action in check and usually turns out for the better of the country. The position of the President is supposed to be a powerful one. It is pretty much a one-man job with all the authority of course with consent by Congress. His words are also influential to the people and it usually favors him and what he would do and the Congress are sometimes hard pressed to see the President doing so well and in control of so much. The power of the presidency to me is totally approved. There shouldn t be a problem unless the President does become tyrannical.

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