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Dwight ?Ike? Eisenhower was the 34th president of the United States. He beat the

Democrat candidate, Adlia Stevenson 33,963,234 popular votes to 27,314,992. ?Ike? held

442 electorial votes to Stevenson?s 89. Eisenhower gained his popularity in the Korean

War, he was supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe. And during his two terms

as president showed great composure and sternness.

When he was elected president Eisenhower vowed to end the war in Korea, it took

him seven months before he had to threaten to use atomic weapons to end the war. During

his first term as president, Eisenhower also gained control of Congress, but by a very small

margin. Dwight took office at a rough time. The communist threat was gripping the

Americans by the throat. A ?Cold War? was being fought between democratic America

and communist Russia. He also had to deal with a situation in communist Vietnam that

ended in the casualties of many unnecessary American lives. Terms for nuclear weapons

were also mentioned, superbombs were going to be the knife to the Russian throat, but

they unexpectedly were very costly.There was another conflict with Egypt and the Suez

Canal. The Egyptians threatened to make the canal national instead of international. This

would sever Western Europe from it?s much needed oil supplies.The U.S. had a problem

to settle with the Irainians as well this time over petrolium, this event sparked the Egypt

canal closing.The Russian situation also grew worse with the Russian slaughtering of

freedom fighting Hungarians,the U.S. couldn?t do anything for the Hungarians except take

in their refugees. Another fight almost broke out close to home as well. Communist Cuba

was complaining that the U.S. and its hold on Latin America wasn?t fair, and since Cuba

was communist they were backed by the Russians which meant that the U.S. couldn?t do

much otherwise it could start a war. East and West Germany set the stage for what could

have been World War 3. The East Germans were backed by the Russians and a standoff

between the U.S., G.B., and France verse Russia.

?Ike? also had to deal with problems at home, including segregation. There were

many violent acts against black Americans during Eisenhower?s two terms, including the

lynching of a 14 year old boy in 1955. Dwight fought for desegregation full heartedly but

knew that it wouldn?t be easy in the south. Many more events followed, like Little Rock

Arkensas, where the U.S. military had to be called in to escort 9 black high school

students through school. The Civil Rights movement was in full swing during the 1950?s.

President Eisenhower had a lot to deal with during his two terms in office,

including being sick in the beginning of his second term. He was accused of relying too

much on his advisors instead of doing his job, saying that he was probably out playing

golf. But through all of this President Eisenhower made very good decisions and led the

nation through a tough time. As a president , he deserves an above average ranking, he

showed good leadership qualities throughout his terms in office and stood strong in the

face of communism. He also avoided a war that probably would have destroyed the world

as we know it. ?Ike? did his job in office and is worthy enough to be called an above

average president.

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