Preparing For A Cruise Vacation


Preparing For A Cruise Vacation Essay, Research Paper

Preparing for a Tropical Cruise Vacation

Vacationing to certain tropical destinations might require more than what you think. After making reservations for the Cruise accommodations and flight arrangements you would think the tough part is over. I personally had no idea that going to the Bahamas would require more than valid state identification. I soon realized that I not only had to prepare for my financial needs, wardrobe attire, but also have proper documentation to go on the Cruise.

First, you must figure out how much money or what type of credit cards or money can be used at the ports and on the ship. Although your room and board, meals and drinks are paid for you will need money for optional services and shopping. You can do this by contacting the Cruise Line or the Consulate of the ports you will be visiting. By being financially prepared you will be conscious of your spending ability for your trip. However, you might want to take a little extra money for the unexpected or the deal you might not be able to resist.

Next, deciding what your wardrobe will consist of is very important. You will need to pack all your essentials and then some. Start off with the basics, T?s, shorts and comfortable shoes for daily walks and sight seeing, you must pack swimwear if you plan on sunbathing or going swimming. Exercise attire if you intend to work out. Since most Cruises have formal dinning rooms, you will want to pack after five or formal attire for the fine dining experience. If you will be doing other activities such as snorkeling you will want to pack appropriately for your excursion. Packing essential attire will leave you with more time to enjoy your trip and not have to worry about shopping and spending extra money on your vacation.

Finally, while making reservations and flight arrangements you will want to ask for the proper documentation needed for trip. You will want to confirm that the information your Agent has given you is correct by contacting the appropriate consulate for your destinations. For traveling from the United States to the British Islands of the Bahamas I found that you need a birth certificate as well as a valid picture id or a passport. Having all you documentation in order will be the beginning to a peaceful vacation.

By following a few simple procedures, you will be on your way to a wonderful getaway. Preparing your financial needs, your wardrobe attire and having proper documentation to your destination will ensure a worry free vacation.

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