Power Of One


Power Of One Essay, Research Paper

Power of One

I did not enjoy this movie. I thought it was poorly done, the camera shots

were very basic, it was extremely predictable and ?deja vu?. Since I am no

Leonar Maltin and this assignement does not ask for a movie critique , i will

say no further. If we take into factors what I already stated above , I guess

you already know what I think of the ending. I will now expose my train of

thoughts while answering the question.

The two scenes that I found the most signifcant in this movie were th one

where the boxer friends loses his eye and Pk’s girlfriend dies. Considering

those two scenes, Idont think this was a very realistic ending. Pk’s girlfriend

dies, and two minutes later he does not care, he’s already off singing and

dancing. The same happens with the boxer friend. He loses an eye. Who cares? I

mean it’s only an eye , we’ve got so many of those that we can manage to lose

one or two.

What would happen to Pk is he would he would be caught by the Afrikaaners

police and probably be tortured and killed ; same thing with the boxer friend.

Than it would not an american movie anymore, it would be too realistic,

something the american public, and too a lesser extent the general public does

not appreciate.

I believe this ending is not realistic as Pk loses his greatest love(or

so they make us believe in the movie) dies and he does not care and continues

to fight the ?bad guys?, not thinking about her ever again in the movie. Same

thing with his boxer friend, who just continues to live on like nothing ever


I already stated above what should have been done to make this a more

realistic ending. The boxer should have crushed psychologically and should have

dropped all activities against the governement. Same thing with Pk.

I have tried to explain what was wrong with this movie, while exposing my

train of thoughts on the plot.

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