Poem Thank You


Poem: Thank You Essay, Research Paper


There for me through thick and thin

Never hesitates to lend a hand

Comforts me when everything seems dim

Always listens when I feel the need to express to them

Advice is given when situations cause my mind to thin

Says just the right phrase to place a smirk on my face

Are my eyes when I am unable to see

My ears when I am unable to hear

Clears the path when there is danger

Connects with me in a special way

Must be really unique to have gained my faith

A great friend that is what you are

A never ending friend that?s for sure


This is just a little something to say thank you for being there for me and that I am always here for you. Also to let you know that even though I might not say how much I appreciate your friendship, that I really do.

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