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Wicked and Weary,

Tired and Dreary,

Never asleep,

Pain too deep.

Always depressed,

Love surpressed.

Feelings unshown,

Always alone.

Going insane,

Always in pain,

In this life,

I’ll bury my strife.

Never fight,

The lonely night,

Dead and Gone.

From & Dawn


Life is more than a game.

The way we treat it is a shame.

We play with our lives like we don’t care.

If you’ve been near death, you’d get a scare.

It’s not the funnest thing to be around.

It knocks you back to the ground.

You find yourself faster than you thought.

Death is a disease easily caught.

It was the easiest way out for me,

I tried to do it, but I heard my friend’s plea.

She said it was wrong to kill myself,

I’d just be another kid put on the shelf.

I look back and regret on my life at it’s low.

I look on you and only hope you know.

How much you think people wouldn’t care.

You’re wrong, because they are always there.

Think twice before you do it please.

There is always a cure, it’s not a disease.

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