Poem Do You Know Mom


Poem: Do You Know Mom…? Essay, Research Paper

Do you know mom…?

Every night before I go to sleep, I think about you,

As I lay in bed, alone in my own little world of thoughts,

You are there with me “my mother.”

Do you know that in those thoughts,

I worry and wonder, dream and scheme, pray and swear,

That as I do all those things,

I wonder what my mother is

My mother is the best human being

She was always there are for me,

In happiness, in loneliness, and sadness

Mom do you know

That I need you, not just physically but deep in my soul

And then I will know that you are with me all the time

A completeness that comes with the sound of your voice,

The smile on your face, your touch on my skin

When I was your little girl.

Do you know that in my dreams we are together?

That in my dreams there is you, and I

Do you know that I love you? MOM

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