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PlaywriteDamien cracks a beer after talking to one of his lovers, Lynn. Convincing herto be here at six, he begins to clean up his small, one bedroom apartment,with the bedroom reflecting on his characterization. After a littlevacuuming, and loading the dishwasher he s got plenty of time to kill. Damienlights a cigarette, and walks over to a small gray clay bowl on the glasscoffee table. He pours a few grams of coke out of the bowl onto the table,and pops in a porn he and a couple friends made in his bedroom. Damien does a few big lines, and lights another cigarette, then lays back inhis new massage chair and gets another beer from the fridge next to thechair. Damien thinks, thirty minutes in his Shiatsu massaging chair alongwith his cocaine high would feel really great right now. He slips into amomentary imaginative reality as he watches the film. As Damien begins totransfigure Lydia, the chick that s getting it in the film, for himself inhis head, he s interrupted by a knock on the door. His startled eyes jump tohis digital clock, sitting next to him, that reads 6:28p.m. He walks over toand opens the door, knowing who it is. A gorgeous 36D-26-36 women withstraight shoulder length platinum hair, green eyes, and in her earlytwenties, dressed in an exotically tattooed spandex body suit. + Hi, come on in. Damien looks at her body in the skin tight spandex. godyour walking ecstasy when you wear that . He says softly, meaning to justthink it, with a bit of energy built up by the sight of her. + What?, I didn t hear you. She says, smiling knowing what he had said. + I said, that outfit look s really great on you. He says smiling. Wouldyou like a drink, or a line? Damien asks smiling sickly at her.Damien and Lynn walk into the living room, that s only large enough to hold asmall number of things. Damien boasts costly furnishings to make up for thefew things he has. His sofa s a soft, expensive, black glove leather thatseats two, with rounded armrests. In front of the sofa is a round glasscoffee table, that s used for cocaine more than anything, and is piled upwith it at the moment. His favorite lounge is his black leather massagechair angled toward the TV, with concealed mechanical massagers built in atthree places along the back. This alone costs him three thousand dollars. Asmall refrigerator sits next to the massage chair to keep alcohol close athand. The entertainment that sits in front of it all is a forty-eight bythirty-six inch Sony home theater, equipped with a Sony CD player, tuner, andVCR, all linked to a couple of pounding JBL speakers, set at either side ofthe TV. He acquired all this, and a large amount of money with cocaine salesto other bands. Damien met Lynn at the Limelight club on 5th street after his bandsperformance. She was dancing virtually naked, in a small cage raised aboveeveryone on the dance floor. After their shows, she entered a room with anumber of drug dealers and transvestites who Damien occasionally supplieswith drugs to sell. He met her during an argument she was having with adealer about, the coke that she scored off him was cut to shit. Damienstepped in knowing who the asshole she was arguing with was. After learningwhat the problem was he simply introduced himself to Lynn and apologized forthe discourteous behavior. He happened to be someone she wanted to knowbetter for her habit. + I remember the last time you wore that. When we went to Tattoos. Theowner of the club happened to be there. He provided us with drinks for thenight. The idea you gave him, to dress the chicks that work there in theoutfit you were wearing from Frederick s should have gotten us a freemembership card or something other than free drinks. he said clericaly as heopens a small wood box sitting next to him. He takes out a bone laced withcocaine, and lights it. + Yah! That cheap fucken bastard. She said. Waiting for him to pass herthe joint, she opens the refrigerator door and takes out a bottle of vodka,and pours a shot. You gonna trip out on some more acid tonight? she saidhumorously attacking him. + Damien passes Lynn the bone. No fucking way! he said wide eyed, recallingthe nightmare of his life. Not after that weird transmigration thing, that Ithought I was experiencing, like in that weird stupid movie we saw. he saysin a weird nervous like way.Lynn laughing. That freaked the hell out of us, but it was pretty cool. Youscared the hell out of that transvestite, Tony, that was wiggling in your lapat the time. Man I thought for sure Tony was going to have a heart attack. He did like fucken five or six grams, in like only two hours, his heart wasracing big time. The coke you sold him wasn t cut very much. And Lydiastarted freaking on her trip, she thought you were magically desouling her,or something freaky like that, from the way you were acting and shit you weresaying to her.

Suddenly there s a pounding knock on the door. + Who the fuck could that be!? Damien says paranoidly. + I don t know I didn t tell anyone I d be here. As Damien opens the door carelessly, he gets it kicked into him hard. Damienfalls to the ground and looks up. It s a dealer he supplied with coke namedMark, the one he threatened at the Limelight and he s pointing a silenced .45at him. Mark yell s, you see this? Lynn screams as she gets shot in thehead. Her brains splat against the wall just above the sofa instantly, anddrip down slowly. Damien sees this. + Holy shit man! Oh my god! Damien says petrified with terror. + Get the fuck over there, by the girl. Mark orders. As he approaches her Damien s kicked from behind falling transverse on top ofLynn. + Where s your shit man? I need some more coke! I m coming down! Marksays hysterically. + I-I-It s r-right there man, next to the chair. Damien say s terrified. + Oh yah! Oh Baby, four kilo s Yah! mark yells with excitement. + Your on acid and all fucked up on coke aren t you mark! Damien asksaggressively with no response.Damiens over his fear somewhat because he s sensing an edge over Mark. Mark s jumping around the room with the .45 in one hand and pushing a kilo tohis nose with the other. Occasionally kissing and speaking to the bag ofcocaine like they re life long lovers. As Damien s sees this insanity, he begins plotting a way to distract a maninsanely hallucinating on acid and coke and thinks this shouldn t be too hardfrom what he s seeing. Damien thinks he s got it! He sees the stereo systems remote sitting on theglass table next to him. Damien takes the remote, turns on the stereo andmutes immediately, while on mute he raises the volume to the max. Once onmaximum volume he puts on a track that opens with a breath taking bass lineat three hundred Hz. He hits play. Boooooooom! booooooooom! booooooooom! Mark drops his gun. Then turning to Damien and looking Lynn, Mark drops tothe floor holding the bag of coke close to his heart as his eyes roll backand his heart stops. Damien immediately calls his good friend and keyboard player Steve. + Steve, I m in a terrible nightmare Lynn s been shot, I have a man lyingmaybe dead in my living room an-+ wo man slow down! What did you say, someone shot an overdosed and is dead?+ No! No! Listen to me, Lynn been shot by this freak lying on my floor. Hekinda broke in knowing I have stuff here. + Oh wow this is to intense! Is this for real or are you just having anothercrazy delusion again?+ Steve please! Help me I thing I might have a way out. The gun was silencedand the noise level was no more than usual. I don t think the police arecoming. I just want you to hold my stuff for a while. I have to call thepolice soon so please hurry. + OK, but if shit happens I don t know a thing, I was just spontaneously onmy way over to jam. Is that cool?+ All right, just get here already. Steve lights a cigarette and makes a quick expresso to think about thisscrewed up situation. As he pets his Norwegian Elkhound named Willy herecalls their past relationships. They met through Lydia four years ago when she brought him with her for afilm they were making. Lydia told him about Damiens little bedroom pornstudio and how excitingly extreme Damien constructs everything. This wassomething Steve had some experienced with but Damien s porn world was scaledwell past the others. After three hours of production they went to theliving room for a coke session. Steve noticed Damien s family of FenderStrat guitars leaning against and hanging on the wall behind the sofa. Steveasks if he plays or just collects. Lydia say s listen to this as Damiengrabs a live guitar and straps it on. The sounds that come out are thewildest blues Steve has ever heard. The only comparison Steve could think offor Damien would be Jeff Beck. Steve was blow away and having troublegrasping the reality of the moment.+ Damien , do you realize how incredible that was! Who s the lucky recordlabel that has you enslaved?+ Nobody has this, it s all mine. I play with a few people though, but nopulse raisers. + You know what? I play keyboards, how about I bring em over one day. Inever played with anyone as awesome as you. This could develop my talent farpast what I can get out of other musicians. What do ya say Damien?+ Sure why not. How about Thursday 2p.m. I have everything we really needhere as you can see. You just bring the beer. Steve realizes how close they really are. To let Damien down at a momentlike this would be to fucked up a thing for Steve to handle. He grabs akeyboard for alibi and drives straight to a liquor store for a bottle ofscotch then right to Damien s. As Steve approaches five minutes fromDamien s, an ambulances rushes past him. This raises his pulse to a degreeof wishing he could turn back. As Steve turns the corner to Damien s withshattered nerves, he see s it s all clear. As soon as the car stops he opensthe bottle of scotch and drinks a third of the bottle giving him liquidnerve. As Steve approaches the door he see s it s open and walksin………………………

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