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The dog days of summer are behind us, and now come the chilly nights in New York,

Seattle, St. Louis, and the other side of New York.

The playoffs are among us and already are living up to the excitment of October

baseball. After starting off with eight teams, scattered through out the country, we have

narrowed it down to four teams.

The teams that reach the playoffs all have fresh starts. This has been the case this

October. The Chicago White Sox had the best record in the American League, and

opened up against the American League wild card team the Seatlle Mariners. The

Mariners are not a bad team they led the American League west for the majority of the

season. Only to be outlasted by the Oakland Athletics(A’s). The team with the best

record, against the team with the best second place team in baseball. What do you think

would happen in this series. If you would play the stats the White Sox would have won

this series hands down. Seatlle may have been a second place team, but they were a fisrt

place team when they played with their hearts and swept the White Sox in three games.

Over in the National League the San Fransisco Giants had the best record in

baseball. They had to face the New York Mets. The Mets were also a wild card team.

The Mets have been underdogs many times in their history. They suprised the world by

beating the (scott put the year they beat the red sox in the 80’s) Red Sox, earning the

nickname the miracle Mets. The Mets also proved to us that they are just as good as any

other team in baseball. The Mets didn’t sweep the Giants, but they did win

impressivly(scott correct that) by winning the series three games to one.

The St. Louis Cardinals weren’t expected to really lose the series against the

Atlanta Braves, the only team to be in the playoffs the whole decade of the 90’s. The

Braves weren’t expected to lose the series either. This was supposed to be an even math-

up. The Cardinals made it a push-over by sweeping the Braves and eliminating them. The

Cardinals looked very impressive in this series. They did all this without the big man Mark


The Other series was the most nerve wreking. The Oakland Athletics, a young and

talented team that hasn’t reached it’s peak potential, against the veteran squad of the New

York Yankees. The young A’s team played the veterans tough, but in the end the Yankees

pulled of a game seven full of excitment. The Yankees jumped on top of the A’s 6 to zero

in the first, and help off for a 7-5 win.



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