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Places to Relax

Many people have places that they go to you relieve the stress of life. Some go to a game, the mall, or to the movies. Some others have a more unique place to relax. Their place is a place that only they can go unless they open the door for others. This place that I speak of is in the imagination of the mind. People go to this place in many ways; they might listen to music, meditate, or relax and fall asleep. The place that I go, to relax and relieve the stress of the day, is in my mind. Close your eyes and relax and let me, somewhat, take you there, for, like I said, it is a place only I can go too, but I might be able to open the door to your imagination and lead you to mine.

Relax and imagine you are in a little room, but big enough to stretch. In front of you, there is a mirror, the kind that you find in gyms, and it seems almost transparent. Walking closer to it, you see land in it, but it s hard to see because of a mist. As you touch the mirror your hand goes through it and a soft light glows from it. The further you go into the mirror, the brighter the light gets until it is too bright to even see your nose front of you.

Your eyes finally adjust back to normal light and you can see once again. Looking around, you notice that you are not standing, but rather floating in midair. You are high enough in the sky to see that the land in the mirror is really an island. The water surrounding it reminds you of the ocean. The part of the island in front of you is what seems to be a valley. The valley looks brown with sand and rocks with mountains surrounding most of the valley except for a little path. Right under you is a lake, which the sun gleams off of. The part of the land in between the valley and the lake is a brown. The rest of the land around the lake seems green with grass. Turning around you see a forest covering the rest of the island. You take another look at the whole island and a smile creeps up on you as you think of how peaceful this place most be.

Like diving into a swimming pool, you plunge towards the lake with arms to your sides as if you are a speeding bomb ready to hit your target. Going at a fast rate towards the lake, anyone would have told you would die upon impact with the lake in real life. At the last possible moment you turn upward and become parallel with the water level as you think to yourself, but this is not real life. You speed across the lake as the water sprays up as you go by if trying to catch you. You head towards the opening of the valley. Getting close to land, you slow down and land standing on a sandy little beach. Walking towards the valley you see two somewhat large figures in the valley, but it is hard to make as a gust decides to pick up some sand for it self. The closer you get to them the more they

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resemble houses, which you find out they are what you thought they where and not something else.

When you reach them and get a better look, you find that the house on the left seem to be someone s home. The one on the right of it has a different feel for it, but you cannot seem to make out it like a riddle that you almost got but not quite. To not intrude on any ones property, you decide to leave and see what else this island has to offer. As you pass the open hear the gust come back as if it got bored with the toy and put it back where it got it from like a good child.

Back at the lake, you take a better look at the water. You notice of how crisp and clean it. Touching the water to see if the water is cold other nice, it feels just the way you would like to go swimming. Slowly walking into the water, it feels cool and refreshing. Heading towards a deep part, you dive in to see you can find. As you head downward you notice two things; one is that now your cloths are as wet as they would be in a washer, and the second is that you can still breath. You reach the bottom of the lake. A school of fish rush by as the reflection of the sunlight seeps through the top of the level of the water. You start to head back up so you can now check the forest.

You get out of the water on the other side of the lake. As you head towards the forest, in amazement your not wet as the cloths just came off the hanger. When you reach the forest a path seems to open up for you to walk. There are so many different types of trees and plants there that you don t care to check what s what. The forest is so beautiful with its many types of vegetation. You feel like your in a fairy tale as a breeze comes through, moving the leaves around and letting sunlight to bounce off tree to tree as if it was a playful child run around the forest. You come up to a different patch of vegetation. This one is easier to reckon, which was bamboo. Going past the bamboo, you head deeper into the forest. Walking further down the path you come across a clearing.

At the clearing you see a field of grass, flowers, and a few trees. Making your way through the plain, you come to a cliff. The cliff goes almost straight down to the water, which beats against the cliff. The water seems to be trying to push down a wall it knows it can t knock down but still it continues to try. Looking into the horizon, you start to see the sun set into the water so you sit down to watch. Colors of golden reds, yellows, and oranges scream across the sky, as the sun sets into the distance if it was an elevator going down the first floor. After the sunset, you turn to head back to lake so you can leave.

As you turn, you see that the colors of the sky have now touched the field of grass. As you walk trough it this time, it looks like you walking in a golden field. You reach the forest and a different path seems to open for you this time. As you walk through the forest it becomes darker and darker. Then, like night-lights, lanterns in the trees come on the show the way. As you look up, you can tell the trees are now Japanese Cherrie Blossoms and the light pink of the petals seem to glow with the light. When you reach the

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lake you see that it has something different about it too. Little lights seem to be dancing on and around the lake. You get close enough to notice that they are just lighting bugs come out for the night time to help lost travelers find their way back home. You look into the night sky, as lighting bugs seem to dance around you, and glaze at the sight of so many stars.

You know it s time to head back to real life. Floating back to the mirror, you take one more final look around and then it finally came to you, you have been smiling sense you first smiled. While you pass through the mirror, you feel as if the island is saying good-bye and come back soon. You leave feeling refreshed and reawake to the sound of a car passing bye the building and realize that real life is always better because of the unexpected things in life, even if it is stressful, but you most find your place to relax every-now-and-then.

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