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In this essay I hope to persuade my mom to let me get my tongue pierced by proving that tongue piercing is both safe and sane.

“Tongue piercing is a relatively simple procedure if the technician has the knowledge and the correct tools” (Monahan, Roger 1). Piercing is not dangerous as long as you keep everything clean and sterile. “The tongue is the quickest-healing part of the body, and one of the least painful to pierce,” stated piercing artist Joe J. Infection is one of the biggest problems in piercing but when done correctly, piercing is safe and harmless. Few tongue piercings suffer from infections because the tongue has a tinfoil-thickness of antibiotic slime known as lingual antimicrobial peptide, or LAP. When the tongue has a sore or is pierced, more LAP is produced. “With a better understanding, new techniques, and more stringent protection of the client, piercings, in general, have a much higher rate of success than in the past” (Monohan, Roger 1).

Piercing is not only safe and simple but it has been around for centuries. Almost every culture through history has enhanced their appearance by inserting objects under the surface of their skin, often with a basis in mystical or religious beliefs. “Archaeologists have found Egyptian and Macedonian jewelry for pierced ears dating back to 2,000 BC, and many contemporary cultures preserve the piercing of ears, nose, tongues etc. as a rite of passage from childhood” (Monohan, Roger 1). People get pierced no matter what their race, sex, creed, color, or sexual orientation. “The practice crosses economic boundaries, and pervades all aspects of our society equally” (Monohan, Roger 1). “Realizing and appreciating diversity fosters understanding of other cultures and helps break down the walls of prejudice that separate us” (Robinson, Karen R 2).

“It doesn t change them, it just changes peoples initial response to them” (Cecilia and Denise 8). Society is very stereotypical in that we constantly judge people based solely on their appearances. Some people assume that all individuals with tongue piercings are sexually promiscuous, punks, freaks, or lack intelligence. But these stereotypes are just as they appear: labels, branding people based on the fact that they are different and stand out from society’s idea of normal. “Why is it more acceptable for a person to get a nose job or breast implants than to put a ring somewhere?” “Plastic surgery is a deceptive alteration of the body, while body-piercing is just a decoration” (Cecilia and Denise 9). “Many students pierce various body parts as an expression of their personality,” said professional piercer Lindsay Close. “Body piercing is a freedom thing,” Betsy McCullough said (Howard, Dylan 2). “Because people in their ordinary states of minds obtain body piercing, we may suppose that common sense prevails in the face of something that seems to contradict common sense” (High School Piercings In The 90s 1). “People who are logically challenged are far more likely to refuse that which they cannot understand.” So I guess we are left with: Piercing is an intelligent thing (Monohan, Roger 1).

“Piercing promotes multicultural appreciation and understanding between different cultures,” (Robinson, Karen R. 2). Piercing is also a safe and harmless way for a person to express themselves. Some people express themselves through clothes and accessories, others choose body piercing. At the present time, I have seven earrings in my ear and I intend to add a few more over Christmas break. To me, piercing is like an addiction, but safer than any drug. Nowadays, not only does body piercing symbolize individuality, but society accepts it. I hope this essay has convinced you to open your mind to tongue piercing.


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