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What is a physician assistant? Academically and clinically prepared to practice medicine with the supervision of a doctor, the assistant physician practices medicine. The doctor that supervises the physician assistant is licensed with medicine or osteopathy. The physician assistant has 24 to 27 months of education and that can vary. People that are serious about becoming a physician assistant are mostly interested in the cost of education and salary of a physician assistant. A doctor that is licensed with medicine or osteopathy supervises the physician assistant. Physician assistants provide a broad range of therapeutic and diagnostic services. They also exercise autonomy in medical decision making. The practices of the physician assistant are centered on a patient care and it may include research, educational, and administrative activities. The physician assistants are qualified to take medical histories, give medical advise, counsel patients, perform physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order laboratory tests, and assist in surgery and set fractures.24 to 27 months is the average length of the program, but it can vary. The first year of the program consists of classroom study, clinical rotations and laboratory sessions. The second year generally includes experiential clerkships in a variety of settings. While the education vary between schools, most of the programs require 2 years of undergraduate study and some experience in health care. For physician assistant schools, the study in applied behavioral and biological sciences are always used. In the University of South Florida, you could train to be a physician assistant.

The cost of education and the salary are important things to people who are serious about becoming a physician assistant. The estimated total for a year of college in the University of South Florida is $11,220. That includes the Florida resident tuition and fees, which cover $2,090, room/board, which cover $4,830, books and supplies, which cover $700, personal expenses, and which for an estimated average person cover $3,600. The salary of a physician assistant who is just starting would the median salary of $48,575. Experienced physician assistants earn $55,000 to 60,000, even though the high salary range goes up to $100,000.The physician assistant is not a bad job, people have to start lower and then go higher. After becoming a physician assistant, people could go higher and become a physician themselves. Physician assistants assist a doctor, and they observe and learn many things. The program is 24 to 27 months on an average, and you learn a lot in them months. The costs of the education in the University of South Florida is worth it because you get the money back from the salary that you get when you are a Physician assistant. .

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