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Getting Physically Fit

As I flipped through a magazine of Men’s Health, I saw muscular males with abs of steel, muscles that were ready to burst, and attractive females around each arm. This was a common occurrence when I looked through other magazines such as GQ or Men’s Fitness and my mind usually wondered if being physically fit was the way to be. Getting physically fit could cause me to become more muscular, and also increase other self-traits such as self-confidence, and increased stamina.

So one day I decided that I should maybe try to do something with myself. The life I was leading was not something I was proud of though. On a normal day I would hang out around the house and waste time by playing video games. Doing this on a normal basis caused me to gain weight and become lethargic as time drifted on. My motivation to do anything lacked and I would normally sit on the couch and watch TV when I wasn’t playing video games. My friends and family would tell me to get out and start doing productive activities and I ignored each request. I didn’t see myself as others and I usually thought that doing my daily routine was acceptable.

As time progressed, I became more exposed to TV ads and magazine articles on how simple it was to become physically fit. I would read intriguing articles from Men’s Health that pushed me to become an “ideal” male. Besides that, I noticed that some of my friends were already pushing themselves to become fit so that made me think twice on the idea of becoming physically fit. Another event that motivated me to get the ball rolling was when I actually looked at myself at the mirror. I would usually look at the mirror to fix my hair and to see how I looked with my clothes but when I truly looked at myself, I wasn’t comfortable with the reflection. The reflection needed to be improved and my motivation to do so increased.

After I put all the motivational factors together, I went to the gym to get physically fit for numerous months and the results were spectacular. First off, I felt more confident with myself as a person and my attitude was an improvement. I would walk in to malls with my head up and I would usually get second looks from females. The feeling of self-accomplishment ran through my body and it felt excellent. Another benefit from being fit was that I had enhanced my stamina. A game of basketball would last me hours and I wouldn’t get as tired. Most of all, my self-esteem had increased as well and the reflection from the mirror was no longer a disgrace.

Through my hard work and determination, I was able to get physically fit. The results were what I hoped they would be. With the increased self-confidence and self-esteem, I felt better and others were more willing to accept me as a person rather than a lousy couch potato. Following the examples of magazines and TV ads may have been a shallow decision but they were motivation, which I really lacked at the time. In conclusion, my picture should be in the cover of Men’s Health with two beautiful women on each arm in the future to come.

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