Philosophy Of Life


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Philosophy of Life

Philosophy is often defined as the study of a system of beliefs and the justification for those beliefs. A philosophy of life usually discusses the what and why of life. What is life, what are the elements of life? Why are we here, why do things happen the way they do? What should I do now? What should I do next? These are essential questions urging essential answers that determine a person’s success and happiness in life.

In my opinion to gain happiness and success it starts with having a foundation. This foundation is gradually built during the person fs growth as an individual and consists of attributes and morals that define the person fs character. If the person has a good character than he can succeed in life and attain happiness as well, but if the person doesn ft have a good character or is lacking in morals then yes he can achieve material success but he will not be truly happy nor will he have peace within his mind or heart. A large part of achieving success and happiness has to do with being gfit h in three areas, physical fitness, mental fitness, and spiritual fitness, if a person is fit in all three of these areas than in my opinion he will be an ideal person and someone who can set a good example for others to follow.

Balance and simplicity are also keys to inner happiness. We should all strive to achieve moderation in all of our actions. Whether it be playing sports, dealing with others, we should always try to maintain our dignity and not be a braggart, or be foul-tongued etc. We should speak in a dignified manner and with respect. We should have sportsmanship. All of these qualities are related to a person who is moderate in their actions. As well we should try to live a relatively simple life and we shouldn ft floss or try to live too lavishly.

Each individual has a certain responsibility to society as well as to themselves. Social responsibilities first start off with family then move on to relatives, elders, and then friends and strangers. One should treat others as they wish too be treated. We should be helpful and polite to others especially our family. Our first responsibility should be too respect and obey our parents since they are the ones who care for us and raised us when we were infants. After that we should try to help seniors, people with disabilities, strangers, etc. Our own responsibilities are too mature and try to build up self-esteem and then finally become self-actualized.

To live a complete and fulfilling life all of the above should be implemented. Once we acquire security in all aspects of life than we achieve a certain joy of living. Life should be lived to the fullest but an individual should realize the consequences of each action and learn from his mistakes only then can they become a better person.

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