Philosophy Goal In My Life


Philosophy: Goal In My Life Essay, Research Paper

PHILOSOPHY: I have a goal in my life… to read and understand the works of the greatest philosophers of all cultures. For now, I am trying to get more familiar to them, to their ideologies. Nietzsche is the one I strongest admire at the moment, for the strength he proves to have in everything he writes

In the future, I want to study POLITICS and have a glowing carrer in this domain. It might be a child’s dream, but it is certainly one of my oldest wishes and it will be the same until I reach my goal.

Of course, let’s not forget MUSIC. There are a lot of bands or singers who I simply adore. As they are so many I will not say anything more that they are all in the rock – metal tendency, from grunge or heavy metal (less, but still there…) to black, gothic or death. The only music I can listen no matter my mood is the classical one. Chopin, Wagner, Vivaldi, Bach…

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