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Introduction, Tips, Character Moves, Cheats, And Other Resources





The Phantom Menace is a wonderful action/adventure game (heavy on the action).

It does take a bit getting used to the odd, overhead view (but that can be

changed with a cheat). The beginning levels are fairly easy, and allow you to

get used to moving your character around. This walkthru is for the PC version of

the game. As of this writing, the PSX version has not been released and it is

not known if it will vary from the PC version. However, since the official

strategy guide says it covers both the PC and PSX versions, I don’t think they

will differ.

Everything necessary to complete the game is included here. The strategies one

can use to fight boss monsters, kill battle droids, and complete other actions

are endless. The method in which you fight your battles will vary slightly

because of who you’ve talked to, what you talked about, how you’ve moved into

enemy territory, what weapons you have left, or any number of variables.

Everyone will have to complete certain common actions to get through a level.

But the AI of enemies means that the battleground may be slightly different.

Please remember that the strategies given in this walkthru are rough guides as

to what you can do. From there, you can develop your own.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible in writing this walkthru. However, if

I have inadvertently made an error, please let me know.




There are several skills you will have to learn to become good at. You need to

learn the running double jump (run, jump, and jump again in mid-air). This skill

is vital to getting onto overhead vines and ropes, and jumping onto platforms

and pillars. You can’t get through the game without learning this skill.

Practice it whenever you get the chance.

You will also need to become good with your saber. There are times when regular

weapons won’t do. Learn the overhead saber move, the twirling saber move, and

the jump and slash technique. Read your manual for more information. You can

also reflect enemy blaster shots off your saber and back toward them. Qui-Gon

and Obi-Wan move slightly differently with their saber moves. Obi-Wan, being the

younger of the two, has more athletic flair.


Character Moves


Here are some special character moves. When you TAP, you are very quickly

tapping the key. When you PRESS a key, this is describing how you would normally

press a key on the keyboard. When you HOLD a key, you are continuously holding

down the key and not releasing it. The Jumping spin attack and twirling saber

combo are pretty fun. When you are trapped in a corner and being gangbanged by a

group of droids (they are surrounding you) the Circle Jerk move is pretty

effective. It’s a slash and spin move similar to the twirling saber combo,

except you are stationary.

Here are some character moves that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon can use:

Normal slash — PRESS attack key

Overhead slash — TAP attack key

Forward slash — HOLD forward key + PRESS attack key

Retreating slash — HOLD back key + PRESS attack key

Slash combo — HOLD attack key

Overhead slash combo — TAP attack key, then HOLD attack key

Forward stepping combo — HOLD forward key + HOLD attack key

Twirling saber combo — HOLD forward key, TAP attack key, then HOLD attack key

Retreating slash combo — HOLD back key + HOLD attack key

Run slash — Run forward + PRESS attack key

Run double slash — Run forward + TAP attack key

Run overhead slash — Run + TAP attack key, release forward key before next


Run forward slash — Run forward + HOLD attack key

Jumping attack — Jump, then PRESS attack

Jumping spin attack — Jump, then HOLD attack

Circle Jerk — HOLD attack + HOLD left or right movement key

Here are some martial arts moves that Captain Panaka can use:

Punch — PRESS attack key

Running punch — Run + PRESS attack key

Punch-Kick combo — HOLD attack key

Roundhouse punch-kick combo — HOLD forward + HOLD attack

Don’t forget that you can roll and hop depending on what character you’re

playing. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan can dodge blaster fire by rolling left or right.

Captain Panaka and Queen Amidala can hop from side to side. This is a useful

tactic to employ when taking on a group of enemies.

Force push is a convenient weapon sometimes, as it can temporarily stun an enemy

(but not for very long). Try using it when you have the chance. It’s also handy

because you can push enemies off platforms. However, you can’t force push

enemies unless they are on the same “level” as you. This means that if an enemy

is on top of the stairs, you can’t push him when you’re at the bottom of the


If your gameplay is slow during battles, try turning off some of your

performance options. The game may not look quite as pretty, but you’ll be able

to move around and fight more quickly. I’m at the minimum requirements for the

game, and gameplay was a bit slow during battles with groups of droids. I found

that I was able to kill more efficiently when the performance options were set

to low.

When you are protecting a character, make sure you don’t stray too far from him.

Enemies can show up and try to take them out while you’re off scouting ahead.

Sometimes when you cross an “invisible line,” the game will say that the

protected character has died, even if there are no enemies around him or her.

This is the game’s way of telling you that you are not to go into this new area

without that character following behind you.

On the levels where you protect a character, there are certain checkpoints in

the game where they will automatically stop. They are relatively “safe” at these

points if you’ve cleared the area of enemies. You should always talk to the

person when he or she stops because you may have something to say, such as

“wait” or “follow me.” Or they may have something to say to you.

Destroyer droids (the droids that roll around and have personal shields) are a

pain in the butt. They have a distinct sound so you know when one is in the

area. The most effective way of killing them is using a couple of proton

missiles on them. They are most vulnerable when they are rolling around or right

after they stop, because they don’t have their shields up. Try to get the first

shot in before they get their shields up. If you can get in any blaster shots or

saber thrusts while they are rolling or right after they stop, then all the

better for you!

Sometimes a non-player character you’re traveling with can provide cover fire

for you. They can take out destroyer droids or battle droids for you, or help

you in your battles. You may occasionally run into a soldier or two who will

help fight your battles. Keep your eyes and ears open, and observe. But if they

start ducking down or screaming, it usually means they need help.

If you come upon a heavy repeating cannon in the game that you can use, that

usually means that there are destroyer droids and a big group of battle droids

coming your way. Definitely make use of this wicked weapon.

If you see a battle tank, avoid it at all costs. You can sometimes take them

out, but not without wasting a lot of weapons, ammo, and time. It is not

necessary to take them out to finish a level. In other words, don’t try unless

you want to show off. You should preserve the big ammo for the destroyer droids

(which you can’t always run away from) and the boss monsters. Run away from the

battle tanks or do what you need to in order to get around it as quickly as





Some people are just not Jedi material. If your eye/hand coordination is a bit

on the cross-eyed, three-fingered side, then you’ll need these cheat codes. The

one complaint I have about the cheats is that the health ones are limited in the

number of times you can use them. That’s a big thumbs down to the person who

brainstormed that brilliant idea. What the hell is the point in allowing us to

cheat if they are going to dictate how many times we can do it? It really

defeats the purpose of cheating. Bah! Grrrrrrrr! Pbbbbbttttt! And you know where

you can stick that big thumbs down!

Here are some useful, fun, and not-so-useful cheat codes. I did not make the

cheats and I have not tested all of them. They may or may not work, so use them

at your own risk.

To enable the cheat, press the BACKSPACE key while in the game, then enter the

follow codes into the dialog box. Type in the cheat again to return to normal.

give me life — full health (can only be done 5 times)

heal it up — full health (can only be done 5 times)

i like to cheat — all weapons and ammo

iamqueen — play as the queen

iamquigon — play as Qui-Gon

iampanaka — play as Panaka

iamobi — play as Obi-Wan

perfection — auto-fire/attack

naughty naughty — behind shoulders view

beyond cinema — screen in letterbox format

from above — birds eyed/top down view

perf — wire frame mode

rex — wire frame menu

fps — view frame rate

60fps — 60 fps frame rate

slowmo — slow motion mode

gurshick — view end-game credits

drop a beat — moving walls

i stink — difficulty level is set to easy

i really stink — difficulty level is set to easy

i rule the world — hard difficulty level

donttttt — instant death

rrrrright — instant death

kill me now — instant death

but i feel so good — force push color changes to red

happy — weapon 3 more powerful

turntables — makes Jawas huge (fun!)

brenando — “Tech Bonus!” message

oldcode — debug mode 1, enter again for debug mode 2




You can also get an invincibility trainer for the game at It can

freeze your health at 255% (or thereabouts) and shouldn’t affect your skill

rating after you’ve finished the game. So what is a trainer you ask? A “trainer”

is a small program created by an outside source, and is designed to work in

conjunction with the game. It allows you to cheat the game in various ways.

Refer to any documentation that the trainer comes with for more information. And

please remember that the trainer may or may not work with your version of the



Save Games


Save games can be found on the html version of my walkthru at or


Other Resources


Please keep in mind that I only wrote a walkthru, and I’m just one person trying

to help others get a little more enjoyment out of the game. I can only answer

your questions about the walkthru or strategies for the game. As much as I would

like to help, I am not an information kiosk. I can’t or don’t have answers to

specific questions about tech support issues or other programs related to the

game. Please defer your questions to the appropriate person. The following is a

list of other resources available to help you with other questions you may have

about the game. I hope you find it useful.

I can’t help you with technical support issues, as I am not qualified to do so.

The obvious solution if you are having problems with bugs, crashes, video, or

sound problems is to contact tech support via phone. You can also try the

support section of the home page.

Another excellent source is the Phantom Menace Forums at You can read the forums to see if anyone else has the

problem you’re having, and if there are possible solutions. People often leave

messages helping each other out with technical problems they are having.

Sometimes a developer or designer of the game may even pop in. You can also chat

about different battle strategies if you could not get through a particular area

of the game.

One common video problem is not being able to see through the bubbles (they

should be transparent) on the Otoh Gunga level. You need to fool around with

additive blending. Please see the Phantom Menace Forums for a

possible solution.

If you would like to view the cutscenes (the movie sequences) for the game, go

to and download the BINK video tools for free. It allows

you to view the movies from the game that are in the /gamedata/movie directory

of your CD-ROM. It’s interesting to view them separately from the game. I had my

performance options set to low, which meant that the resolution for the video

wasn’t as good as it could be. I didn’t know just how good the videos actually

look. Kudos to the graphic artists!


Level-By-Level Walkthru



Level 1: Trade Federation Battleship

Mission: Get To The Hangar Bay


In this level you play Obi-Wan. As a droid enters, you notice the conference

room fill up with poison gas. You can talk to the droid if you want, but do it

quickly. Exit the room, and have your lightsaber handy.

Kill all the droids in the immediate area (you can also use force push). Qui-Gon

will help you. In the room to the left of the conference room, you can find a

thermal detonator in a compartment (”use” the handprint icon). There is also a

full health powerup in the little round room (service closet). In the other room

to the right of the conference area, the compartment has a blaster with 250


At the end of the hallway, there is an R2 unit fixing a broken door. Be careful;

to the right of him are two battle droids waiting in ambush. Kill them, then go

through the service closet and use the control panel to open the broken door. If

you need it, grab the full health powerup in the compartment to the left of R2


Go through the newly opened door and end up in a hallway. To the left is a

destroyer droid carousel and a dead end. Destroyer droids are a nightmare! It is

possible to kill the destroyer droids by having their shots reflect off your

lightsaber and back at them, but this takes practice. The thermal detonator will

hardly put a dent in them, so don’t waste it. You really need a proton missile

launcher, which you don’t have yet. You don’t have to go left, but if you are

quick, go beyond the destroyer droid carousel to the worker droid, and kill her

immediately before she can release them.

If you chose not to go left, go right, down the hallway, and your path is

blocked by a locked door. Go into the open control room on the right near the

locked door and use the handprint panel. It will open up a hidden area with a

battle droid in it directly across from you. Go across and kill the battle

droid. There’s a full health in the service closet, but it will only open if the

R2 unit is in this room with you. If he’s not already there, go back down the

hallway and find the R2 unit (he may be hiding behind the destroyer droid

carousel) and coax him into this room. Once again, use the handprint panel to

unlock the big door.

Follow Qui-Gon and go straight ahead all the way to the next intersection. The

trade federation viceroy closes the blast doors (you may even get a quick

glimpse at him), and you are ambushed by more destroyer droids. These guys have

personal shields and are hard to kill. So follow Qui-Gon’s advice: tuck your

tail between your ass, Jedi-boy, and get the hell out of there! Go right, and

another locked door blocks your path. Take the small opening to your left. You

run down a long hallway, but the floor gives way and you fall into a shaft. You

are separated from Qui-Gon and on your own for the rest of this level.

Follow the catwalk into a hangar, and watch as your ship is blown to bits. Keep

going down the path. Maintenance droids are cleaning this area, and can

electrocute you if you’re not careful. Avoid walking too close in front of or

behind them, or they will zap you. Use your blaster (not your saber) from afar

to kill them.

This area is a bit of a maze, but it’s not very big. Keep to the right side of

the maze until you come to a door with a red, double triangular symbol on it.

Face the door. Then go to the area to the left where there is a handprint panel

that opens it (note the same triangle symbol near the panel). If you find

yourself at the ventilation fan (or blades in the floor), then you’ve gone too

far. Just turn around and you should see the control panel on the wall.

Use the control panel, and run as fast as you can back to the triangle-symbol

door you passed earlier. There is a maintenance droid inside, so let him pass

first. Go inside quickly and use the handprint (notice the double circle symbol

– it opens a door with this same symbol on it). Exit the room, go straight

until you hit a wall, then right into the newly opened door. The doors are

timed, so if you don’t make it, you’ll have to do it all over again. The control

panels and two doors are in such close vicinity so you can’t get lost too easily

(I hope).

Follow the new path past the fan into another cramped hallway. The fork to the

left will take you to a room with three battle droids and a full health powerup.

After you’re done taking them out, go back down the hallway. There’s a grate in

the floor. If you can manage to jump the grate, you’ll come to a room with a

thermal detonator. Go back, and the grate will give way under your feet. Go

straight until you reach an intersection with two blue doors and a red door.

There are a lot of battle droids here to kill. They’ll come out the right door

first, then the door straight ahead. After that, look at the hallway behind you

for more droid action.

Directly across from the red door is a room with two boxes and a pit in the

floor. The box on the right is hiding a full health powerup. Push the box into

the pit and hopefully you’ll take a droid or two out. Jump down into the pit and

kill any battle droids that are left. Turn around and use the handprint to open

up the big doors. Talk to the Neimoidian for background information. Go into the

service closet on the left and use your lightsaber or blaster to destroy the

power generator (the lights will go out). The red door should now be open.

To get out of the pit, just jump up onto the ledge or wait for the small

elevator to lower/raise and exit the room. Fight more droids. Go through the red

door. Immediately go to the elevator to the left and use it, because there is a

starfighter droid (the big one with pointy legs) on the ground. Kill the battle

droid once you reach the upper platform. To make the starfighter droid

disappear, go through the small hallway about 2 to 3 feet (relatively speaking).

When the starfighter sees that it has nothing to kill, the starfighter will go

away (you can watch him leave to the left through the grates).

Once it’s gone, exit the hallway and take the elevator back down to the ground.

Kill any battle droids that are left. There is a small health powerup on top of

one of the crates. See that crate sticking out? It’s just begging to be touched.

If you move it, you can find a secret room with a thermal detonator and a small

health powerup. In the upper right corner of this room, you can pull out another

crate and find a secret room within a secret room. This second room has a proton

missile launcher with five missiles.

If you want a nice view of the hangar bay, go through the blue tunnel off to one

side. Once you’re through, go back up the elevator onto the upper platform. (If

you missed it earlier, you can use the panel and go through the big door to find

three droids and a full health powerup). From the upper platform, go back into

the hallway (where you hid from the starfighter) and continue forward until you

find yourself on a catwalk. Keep walking, and you’ll soon hear Qui-Gon say “Obi-

Wan.” He’s on the left catwalk below you. Wait for him to speak. Follow his

directions, and find a way off the planet.

Keep walking until you reach a dead end where an elevator should be. You need to

find a way to bring the elevator up to this area. Go down the path near the

elevator, and it’s time to play the moving catwalk game. There is a purple

barrier blocking your path. Go left, press the control panel to move the barrier

The barrier is now blocking the path that you just came from, and freeing the

path that was blocked before. Follow the new path until you get to another

control panel. Press it, and it will activate a moving catwalk to your left.

Quickly cross it and press the control panel at the end. This will call up the

elevator. Wait on this catwalk until it moves back into place on the other side.

Once in place, use the control panel on this catwalk one more time. This will

move the purple barrier back into its original position. Exit, and now you are

free to use the elevator.

You are now on the lower catwalk that Qui-Gon was on. There is only a dead end

to the left. So go the other way (right). A couple of hovering platforms with

droids on it will start rising up toward you. You can fight them or just keep

running forward. A platform on your left (near the dead end you’re coming up on)

will have a control panel on it. Walk onto this platform, and the level will



Level 2: Swamps Of Naboo

Mission: Find Qui-Gon


You start this level on top of a mound in the water. Turn left, and start

swimming. There should be a dry clearing between two trees on the left. If you

can’t find it, just keep swimming along the perimeter of the swamp until you do;

you’ll come upon it eventually.

Once in the clearing, you’ll meet up with several battle droids, and a blaster

with 250 shots. After you kill the droids, jump into the water, go left, and

keep going straight until you come to an uphill path and find Jar Jar Binks.

Talk to him. He runs away from the “meccaneks.” Follow him by turning around and

taking the left path (it goes downhill). You are dumped into the water. Swim

left or right (there’s a lone droid to the left), and you will come to a

clearing with Jar Jar high up on a rock pedestal. In one corner of this

clearing, there is a full health powerup near two droids. After you kill the two

droids and grab the health, you can double jump onto the nearby rock pillar and

snatch the thermal detonator. Don’t forget to kill the droid patrolling a small

ledge near Jar Jar.

To reach Jar Jar, go around the rock he’s on and move the big, square hollow log

to it (the indentation in the grass serves as a path showing you where you

should put the log). Don’t use force push to move objects; it won’t work (the

default “use” key is the spacebar, so use the spacebar in combination with the

arrow keys to move it). Jump up, cross two logs, and jump up onto higher ground.

You’ll cross a third log, but don’t cross it all the way (there’s nothing on the

other side except about 10 droids with your death on their minds). Instead, turn

left, and look down. You should see Jar Jar on the ground below you.

Jump down (grab the Gungan energy ball on the rock on the way down if you can)

and follow Jar Jar. Have your saber handy; there are about seven more droids to

fight. Jump into the water, and to the right there is an alcove with a small

health powerup. Follow Jar Jar out of the water (despite what he says, there is

no safe place!). And watch out for a group of those little round creatures in

groups, and if you stay in one place too long, they’ll start munching on you.

Just run past them quickly and jump over the small stone wall.

From the stone wall, jump into the water. In the upper right there is a small

alcove with a full health powerup. Go back out and continue forward. Kill a

couple of droids, and then you’ll reach a series of staggering earth platforms.

Do what Jar Jar says and “jump to the top.” Once on top, you’ll see Jar Jar run

away from the meccaneks (mechanics).

Follow Jar Jar down a small hill, and you’ll come to an intersection. The left

path will lead you to more droids than you can handle, and the right path will

take you to Jar Jar, who’s high up on a cliff that you can’t reach. You have to

find another way to reach him, so take the center path, and watch out for the

falling trees! Keep going (relatively) straight until you hit a wall and can’t

go straight anymore. From here, go left. You should see a little rock with a

small health powerup on it. From this rock, you want to go right (pick up the

Gungan energy balls in the alcove to the left of the rock if you want).

You should now be at a pond with a couple of big (and killer) fishies. If you’re

unsure about your jumping prowess and are worried about falling into the water,

use your blaster to kill the big fish first (or you’ll become fish food). There

are a few dry islands sticking out of the water that you’ll need to jump across.

Your goal is to get to the shore on the far side. If you’ve killed the big fish,

you can just swim to the small clearing on the right and jump up onto the


On this last earth platform, there is a rock sticking out slightly. You’ll need

to make a running double jump off this rock to reach the next platform. Once

across, continue forward, and make another running double jump off the log onto

the platform where Jar Jar is waiting. Talk to him, and he’ll take off.

This is an area where a lot of people seem to have trouble. You’ll have to make

two running double jumps to reach Jar Jar on the other side. But there’s a STAP

(a droid on a flying machine) attacking you from overhead. It will develop a

flight pattern, so just wait and watch for it. You can try to take it out (jump

up and whack it with your saber) or when it’s out of range, you can try jumping

or taking the vine across. Be wary of the vine at this point though, because if

you’re hit, you’ll get knocked off. In any case, save your game so you don’t

have to find your way back here again. To find the pond if you get knocked down,

turn around, keep hugging the right wall, and continue forward. The pond should

be on the right and is not very far away.

Once on the other side, follow Jar Jar again. You’ll come to an area with a deep

pit and a moveable log. Push the log into the pit. Pull and push it to the other

side, then jump up. And here is where you need to do a running single jump (or

double jump, depending on where you’re standing) to reach the vines. Once on the

vine, go all the way right and press the spacebar to let yourself down again.

You’ll meet up with Jar Jar and a butt-load of droids. If Jar Jar dies, the

level ends (you’re near the end in any case). You can kill the droids with

whatever weapons and ammo you have, but the quick and fun way is to use the

heavy repeating cannon to the left. Get behind it and press the spacebar. You

have to position yourself just right or it won’t work. You can move the

repeating cannon left or right, and you can also move it up and down. Remember

that you are moving the back of the cannon, so if you want to shoot up, you need

to press the down key. And if you want to shoot down, press the up key.

There are destroyer droids hiding inside the two crates on the far side, so try

not to shoot the boxes if you can help it. Also, try not to walk too close to

those two crates, because that can also release the destroyer droids from their

hideout. Whack the crate next to you (near the cannon) and you’ll find a

blaster. There is a full health powerup right next to this crate. After the

battle has ended, follow the path on the right side and you’ll find Qui-Gon and

Jar Jar. That’s the end of this level.


Level 3: Otoh Gunga

Mission: Rescue Jar Jar Binks


Follow Qui-Gon and Jar Jar by walking straight until you reach Boss Nass’

chambers. After the short conversation with Boss Nass, talk to Qui-Gon. Exit the

room. Go left into the next bubble and grab the Gungan energy balls off the red

lounge-couch. Exit, and go straight past the aquarium into a small transport

bubble. Press the button.

Exit the bubble, and your only path out of there is blocked by guard Gungans who

don’t like outlanders. There are two ways out of this situation. You can follow

Qui-Gon’s advice and not kill any of them, or you can go on a shooting rampage.

My first time through I went on a shooting spree (the dark side is strong in my

family), and took great pleasure in silencing those pesky little Gungan punks

who kept calling me a murderer! If you want to preserve ammo, then take the

light side path, because once you kill one Gungan, they’l

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