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The Persian EmpireThe Persian Empire, started in 539 B.C., stretched from the Indus River all the way to Egypt. They are considered a model for the future empires because of their justice, simple religion, and roads. Unlike some of the pharaohs in Egypt, who collected any amount of tax, anytime they wanted to, the Persian rulers collected the taxes fairly. Fairly means no sudden increasing in tax amounts and no sky-high tax amounts. Even though the Persian kings has the same power as a pharaoh, they did not abuse their power by being unfair in administrating justices. They were fair to everyone. Also, the Persians won the favor of the priests and the loyalty of the people by appointed the kings and officials from the countries they have conquered as governors, and let the people keep their own religions and

laws. The Persians only worshipped two gods, one good god, who symbolizes light, was Ahura Mazda; and the evil god, symbolizes darkness and death, was Ahriman. This religion was developed by Zoroaster, a great prophet and religious reformer, in about 600 B.C. Zoroastrianism was a model because of its simpleness. Unlike other early civilizations that worshipped many gods, the Persians saved time and money by concentrating on two gods. Another model from the Persians was road. Because of road, the communication became better and faster; not only that, the trading process was better too. Because of roads, everyone can travel faster and safer, especially for the caravans. If it hasn t for the Persians, we probably would not have all these advantages and any fair justices. If it wasn t for them, we would not and cannot live in this world peacefully now.

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