Paraguay Essay, Research Paper

La historia del país

The first inhabitants of the Paraguay?s land were the

Indians. Guaranies conquered the land. The

Guaranies were a Spanish-speaking nation.

La Geografía

Paraguay is located in Southern South America.

Argentina is Southwest, Brazil on the east, and

Bolivia on the Northwest surrounds the country.

Paraguay has no mountain ranges, except the

Andean foothills lie beyond the border of Paraguay.

Paraguay has no coastal lines because it is inland.

The country has many rivers. Some are the

Paraguay River, the Verde River, the Monte River,

and the Alto Paraná River. The capital of the country

is Asunción. It is located in the southwest bordering

of Argentina.

El Clima

The country has warm weather. It is very hot and

humid in spring, summer, and fall. The winters could

be a little colder but there is no snow. Paraguay is a

fairly small country so the weather in generally the

same all over the country. Hurricanes and tornadoes

are not common in the country. However, it rains a

lot and floods are common.

La Agricultura

Some of the natural resources are rivers and trees.

The country produces soybean, sugarcane,

cassava, seed cotton, corn and oranges.

La gente del país

About 3 million people live in the country. The

groups that make up society are the 3 political

parties. The parties are the green, blue, and the red.

Natalicio DeMaria Talavera was the first poet from

Paraguay. Juan Natalicio was a well-known poet.

Rigoberto Arévalo and Samuel Aguayo are

well-known musicians. Ariel Ramirez is a famous

harpist. Soccer, tennis and listening to music are

the most popular leisure activities. "Olimpia" and

Guamani" are football teams from Paraguay.

Soccer as known in America is called football in


La ley de la tierra

The official languages of Paraguay are Guaraní and

Spanish. The official religion is Roman Catholic.

The country has a republic government. In

Paraguay, Elementary school is free and

compulsory for children ages 6-12. Most people

attend secondary schools to gain a higher

education. Paraguay has an Army.

Las costumbres culturales

In Paraguay, there are a few traditional ceremonies

celebrated. March 14th and 15th is Paraguay?s

Independence Day. People barbecuing and having

a parade is what people do to celebrate it. Many

catholic holidays are celebrated, too. Some of the

Paraguayan typical foods are Sopa Paraguaya,

Bitter maté is a common drink along with green tea.

Chicken, pork, and beef is eaten a lot. Corn and

other Indian foods are eaten a lot, also.

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