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NASA and EU Report Massive Arctic Ozone Loss

Scientists from NASA and the European Union blamed the long, cold winter and human-made pollution for one of the largest ozone losses to record. The study was conducted between January and March with the use of NASA?s high-tech ER-2 plane. This plane is able to reach high altitudes in order to check for ozone depletion. The measurements taken by the ER-2 concluded that the ozone above the arctic has decreased nearly 60 percent. These measurements were recovered by satellites as well, thus confirming the findings.

The depletion is believed to have been caused by chlorine compounds that have lingered to the far north. These chlorine compounds react with the ozone molecules and thus destroy or deplete the ozone layer by limiting the number of ozone molecules in the atmosphere. The cold winter has not helped the situation either. Paul Newman, a NASA scientist, stated that extremely cold weather and sunshine are what causes the chlorine to react with the ozone molecules. Newman also stated that the chlorine levels in the atmosphere are not increasing. This means that the arctic ozone is recovering. A full recovery, however, will not be seen to 2050 or 2070.

All of the reported ozone depletions stem from the same problem, pollution. If we really want to solve the ozone problems we have find new ways to limit pollution in our highly industrialized nation. Only then will we find the real solution the depletion of the ozone layer. Hopefully that day comes before it?s to late for the earth.

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