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Name: Andre Anderson

Instructor: Miss C. Hoskins

Subject: Introduction to Computers

Source: Introduction to Computers and Information Processing

Reading report on output devices (printers)

Output devices translate bits and bytes into o form we can understand. Terminals are both input and output devices. The monitors of terminals and workstations provide soft copy, or temporary output. One of the most common output devices is the printer.

Printer produce hard-copy output, such as management reports, memos, payroll checks, and program listings. Printers are generally classified as serial printers, line printers, or page printers. Printers are rated by their speed. Print speeds are measured in characters per second (cps), for serial printers, in lines per minute (lpm) for lines printers, and page per minute (ppm) for page printer.

Serial printers

Most serial printers are configured with one or more microcomputers systems. They are also used to support terminal clusters to give users the flexibility to obtain hard- copy output. Impact serial printers rely on dot- matrix and daisy wheel technology. No impact serial printers employ ink- jet and thermal technology. Regardless of the technology, the images are formed one character at a time as the print head moves across the paper. Virtually all serial printers whether the print head is moving left to right or right to left.

Line printers

Line printers are impact printer that prints one line at a time. The most popular types are the brand printer, chain printer, and matrix line printer.

Page printers

Page printers are of the non-impact type and use a variety of technologies to achieve high-speed hard copy employ laser technology output by printing a page at a time.

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