Oral Tradition


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Oral Tradition

My family has many oral traditions. I m not real for sure that there any different

than anybody elses. We celebrate every American Holiday. We have very strong Baptist

religous beliefs. Our religion does not ban us from participating in any holidays. I don t

know what other people do on there holidays but from what I understand and have heard

there pretty much the same.

Every Christmas in our family is a pretty big deal. On Christmas Eve we go to

church to a candle light service. When we get done with that we got to my Grandma s

house. Different people come over there my Grandma fixes a few snacks and goodies for

everybody. My mom usually waits tell my sister is pretty tired so when we get home she

goes right to sleep. When everybody is asleep is when my parents start doing the job of

Santa Clause. But like this year there was a couple of heavy things so I had to stay up to

help carry them in the house. In the mornings my brother usually gets up around 5:30 or

6:00 in the morning. He calls everyone and they come to my house that early. We open

up presents for that whole time usualy untill about 11:00. We then eat breakfast and talk

the rest of the day.

On New Years we really don t have much of a tradition. We usually just go our

seperate ways on New Years eve and have good times. On New Years Day my mom

always boils good shrimp. It s the best I love it. We always celebrate everyones

birthday s. Our family for some reason always celebrates our birthday party s with the

Smiths. That would be Meagans family. during there birthday s we go to there house

and during ours they come to our house. It s pretty weird and I really don t know why we

do it but we have done it ever since we were born.

We celerate Easter just as must family s do I think. we get up in the morning

before church and theres always an Easter basket full of candy. We search through it and

then go to church on Easter Sunday. Halloween is always celebrated at our home. my

mom is a big fan of Halloween. She always had us dressed up in retarded looking outfits

during Halloween. She was always entering us in those Halloween costume contests.

I m through with that and laugh as I see my sister have to go through it. She will know

when she gets older and looks at those stupid baby pictures. She always has her light on

for tricker treaters and all kinds of decorations out.

Valentines Day isn t that big around here. I preferably don t like it much at all.

Here is a reason why I don t like it. Two weeks before Valentines Day on my girlfriends

birthday I bought her a rose and a balloon. It costs me only seven dollars. Then when

valentines Day comes around I roll up there to by the same thing and it costed me

seventeen dollars. That is outrageous. But I guess the flower shoppe people have to do

what the have to do to make some money. There are many holidays that are family

celebrates but there just not real big holidays like St. Patricks Day and April Fools Day

and many many more like that. Holidays are a good thing and they are a lot of fun at

times. You get the opportunity to give and to receive. you get to celebrate the New Year

and have resolutions. The Holidays aren t especially about thing like that. All Holidays

have very special reasons behind them. And I am very glad and fortunate that my family

and religion allows me to celebrate all of them for the many different and wonderful

meanings they have.

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