Opinion Girls Vs Boys Sports


Opinion Girls Vs Boys Sports Essay, Research Paper

Girl?s Sports vs. Boy?s Sports

I am a 16-year-old female athlete at Branford High School. I am a goalkeeper for the soccer team at school and have played number one doubles my freshman year for the Varsity Tennis Team. In past years I have played Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, and swimming. Going from one practice to another. Coming home tired like many other athletes. Most of my friends are boys. I?ve always related better to them. I go to watch my friends play football and hockey, soccer and basketball. Realizing that males are the ?stronger? race of the human population I wonder why they make up special rules for boys and girls. If girls are going up against girls then we should be able to with stain the pain that one might bring during a check into the boards during a female hockey game. But this is not the case. Girls are not aloud physical contact in most sports including hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, and more that I just can?t think of. I personally enjoy playing very aggressively during games. Especially in goal teammates and spectators no that if I have to I have no problem taking out a player to save the ball. But since I?m a girl I get the old talk from the ref and then he leaves me to be. I know that if I were playing Boy?s Soccer it would be different. I watch the boy?s tackle each other, trip each other and continually hurt one another without receiving any card or talk from the ref. I do realize that girls? sports have come a long way in the past forty years, but we could go much further. I am not sure if it is because people still think of females as the home maker or what but this is the knew millenium woman are not wearing aprons any more we are wearing uniforms for professional sports. We are wearing uniforms to serve our country. We are as strong as men but by changing the rules to simple games just to accommodate what are thought to be the needs of women you are just insulting all we have worked for in the past forty years. They say that they want us all to be equal, that they want us to feel comfortable with one another. Well I feel insulted I play full contact lacrosse with the boys on Saturdays they know that I am as good as some of them they no that I play just as hard and that I can keep up. If they know that I can keep up can?t the boards of high school sports. I can?t be the only female who can keep up with guys. I?m not asking to play with them I?m just asking to play the same game.

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