Old Man And The Sea


Old Man And The Sea Essay, Research Paper


In Hemingway’s novels, he puts ordinary men through extraordinary situations and forces them to show valor, strength, courage, and weakness. Strength is admired in men. Weakness in a man is often looked down upon. Both however, are characteristics that all men show. A man’s strength or a man’s weakness alone does not define who he is.

Through Hemingway’s literature, he expresses a realist point of view. He writes about the world as he sees it and does not create a reality in his books that could not have actually happened. His stories have a common male protagonist and common men can relate to the characters he creates. His work will be read for many years to come, because he did not write about passing issues of the time. He wrote about human emotion and character. That is a subject that is of interest to all people.

I was most drawn to Hemingway’s ability to allow people to relate to characters, whose situations had nothing in common with any that they had ever experienced. For this reason, I plan on reading more of his novels. They are really interesting.

One of the most important parts of Hemingway’s writing is what he allows the reader to take away from the book. His readers become greatly involved in the story, because they can identify with the main character. They see what the main character

goes through, and they see how they react to tough situations. They then feel that if the common person in the story could overcome such great trials, then there is hope for them as well. Through Hemingway’s novels, a reader can gain hope and what more could one expect to get from a book.

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