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A man named Odysseus was on his way to capture City of Troy. He kissed his wife and hugged her in his most love kind of way because of him leaving. He told her that if he was not to come before his son had become at the age of a man than that she, his wife, should get married again. When he was leaving, his child was just born. He hugged his mom and told her not to worry. He looked at his son and kissed him on the cheek and told him to take care of his mother in a sort of laughing matter. He went off with his men and started going towards City of Troy. They had a plan where they would make a horse, with them being inside of it and then giving the horse as a gift to the city. That is what they did and then at night when everyone was drunk and sleeping, Odysseus and his men got out of the Trojan Horse and then started killing them. They had taken over City of Troy and that was something that when people tried doing, but they would never return. He did this and then when he was about to leave he was told by the Water that he would not ever return home because of such a thing he did. He would be sailed out into the sea but never return home again. Odysseus was astonished by this and was angered. He screamed out for the Water and started getting more and more mad. He told his men they had to start leaving anyhow. They were sailing for five years when they came on to an island that they thought they might be able to find food there. They found this humongous cave with this humongous bed and humongous pieces of cheese. They all started to eat the cheese and laying down in the bed. Then suddenly they heard footsteps coming towards them. Very loud ones as if it was an aftershock from an earthquake. Then Odysseus told his men to stand still and not to make a move. Next thing that happened was a One Eyed Giant came and then asked them what they were doing in his cave. He told them that that was his food and his bed and his cave. Odysseus explained to him that they came here for a visit to find food and also to give him a present. The One Eyed Giant grabbed one of the men and ate them up and then the blood from the body started gushing out as if it was a small plaza waterfall. The One Eyed Giant laughed in horror and Odysseus tried to calm him down from all of this. He said they came to give him stuff. Then all of a sudden one of the men started playing their flute and then the One Eyed Giant started to sleep little by little. Then they had to get a way to get out of the cave, but they couldn’t because of the cave being locked on the inside by a huge rock that was a shape of a wheel. Then Odysseus had an idea. He said he would get a stick and sharpen it and then stick it into his eye and when he starts crying he will try to tell his parents by leaving the cave and then Odysseus and his men leaving the cave. They sharpened the stick and then Odysseus got on top of the One Eyed Giant and then Odysseus jumped up and landed on the giant’s eye with the sharp stick in his eye. The giant was ferocious. He started throwing things and trying to grab one of the men to eat them. Then finally Odysseus saw that he opened a passage to outside and then they all ran out of their quickly while the One Eyed Giant was crying and screaming his parents and brothers names. Then Odysseus left.

At this time, his wife and his mother were at home and his little son was running around playing with a bow and arrow. His wife was telling his mother that she was still going to wait and his mother was still in a sad mood. The mother said he would never return and started going towards the shore. The wife cried and tried stopping her, but she said that if her son couldn’t come to me that she was going to him in the water. She then died in the shore as she was going right into the water. His wife cried and cried, but that really didn’t do her any good.

Now Odysseus came to a place where his men started getting angered at him and said they wanted food and started wandering around the areas of that island by himself. He stayed there with a couple of other men who decided to stay with him. After a couple of hours a pig started running towards them and then one of his men told Odysseus that that was one of his men. He said a witch turned that man and his other men into animals, but he managed to get away. He said she was a witch. When Odysseus was going towards where her place was, a fairy came and said she was expecting him and for him, Odysseus, to eat this grass which will make her not turn him into an animal. Odysseus ate it and when he went there, she tried to make him into an animal, but saw that she couldn’t. She told him she would turn them all into men if he would sleep with her in bed. It was an offer he could not say no so he did do this. Then those animals turned into his men and then the witch started telling her slaves, which were women to entertain for them. When Odysseus woke up he told his men to hurry and get up. He said it’s been a day and they have to leave. Then he left with the witch in sorrow. When he got to where his ship was he noticed it was coved by land and dug down way deep. That is when he knew that the witch’s cave was a curse. He had wasted ten full years, but felt like just one day.

His son had become fifteen and then he told his mom he would go out and find his father. She hugged her son and said to take care of himself. At their house there were men who would say they wouldn’t leave till she says who she would marry. They use to beat on her son and make her like a slave. They messed up the house real badly and made it basically into an animal house.

Odysseus had gone through many things and by the time Odysseus’s men had all died. Odysseus was sailing towards a mountain island and when he got there he was greeted by all women. They were all shy and they had never seen a man before. Then a woman who was the leader of the place started showing some passion towards Odysseus. Next thing you know he was with her also. He then told her he had to leave back towards his own city. She said there was wood in the back of the hill and he could make a boat out of it. And so he did and he built it. By the time he started moving towards another city his wife was almost ready to marry someone. She made the men do things like fight to see who would come out at the end etc. Then Odysseus started sailing again. This time he came upon an island that the kind said he, Odysseus, was popular all around this island and several others. He said many people thought you were dead including his wife. All of them were sad about this, but now that he was back many people of that island greeted him with cheers. The king said he would have the best ships take him toward his home. Odysseus was now on a ship with men of the kings. He decided to sleep for a bit, but when he woke up he noticed he was now back on his island. He was very happy about this. Odysseus saw his old friend and he laughed and started crying in joy. He then saw his son coming back off a ship. His friend said that was his son and he went to go after you, but I guess now he’s back and hasn’t found you. Then Odysseus called out his son’s name. He told him that he was his father and his son cried out and hugged his father in joy. He was then greeted by Athena who told him he could not go into his home yet and to be patient for a bit. He said that if he would go in their men would all of a sudden act their own about how they feel about you being gone or even dead. Then Athena told him and his son that he would turn Odysseus into an old man who was poor and humble just so he could go to his house in a disguise. She did do this and when Odysseus went there he saw this. Then Odysseus was greeted by his wife and he was so happy about this, but acted like an old wise man still. The next day his wife told the men that if they could get the string from this bow and then shoot through all of those holes and then hit the target and then she would marry that person. All of them tried, but could not even put the string on the bow, which was Odysseus’s bow. Then the old man which was Odysseus asked them if he could go ahead and try using the bow and shoot through the target. Then he got the string and put it on the bow. Then he got the arrow and had it shot through the holes and then hit a bulls eye on the target. Then he turned into his own self again and looked at them. He got his arrows and started shooting at them and killed all of them with his arrows. His wife kissed him and was very happy. They were all happy that he was still alive and cheered. He told them about this whole story he went through and they listened carefully. And that was the story which they call the Odyssey.

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