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You do not have to be a true objectivist

Objectivism holds that society functions best when individuals pursue their

self-interests. According to Ayn Rand, human understanding and acceptance of reality

form the basis of judgment and values. Human beings must live for themselves, neither

sacrificing any part of their natures or goals to other people, nor bending others’ wills to

their own. In this scheme, love is achieved fully only by those individuals who possess the

highest self-esteem, which is exhibited in the form of clearly defined and uncompromising

values. I agree with some part of this philosophy, but I also disagree with some of it. I

think people should do whatever they want unless it hurts someone, but not to the extent

of trying to make nuclear weapons in their basement; I believe that people should think

about the society first instead of being selfish, but their individuality – like in Anthem

cannot be taken away; I think people should sell and buy whatever they want without

government telling them what is right or wrong, but certain things like weapons of mass

destruction should be banned.

Does it hurt anyone if I go out and have a beer or two? No. Then why am I not

able to do it unless I am twenty one years old? Does is hurt anyone if I go for a walk at

two o?clock in the morning? No. Then why do some cities have curfews? You might argue

that I might somehow hurt myself by drinking, but that is MY problem. I have a mind of

my own and I can think for myself, so do not tell me what to do or what not to do.

Government should not, though, allow me to make weapons in my basement or dump

toxic waste in my back yard. Only things that will have a big effect on the environment or

society in the present or the future should be illegal, not small things like underage

drinking or being outside when it is past the city ?curfew.?

People should think about the good of society first and only then about themselves.

But that does not mean people?s individualities and identities have to be taken away, so

they all think they are equal. In Anthem, everyone?s individuality was taken away to

prevent wars and crime. We can prevent wars by living together as a planet, not as

different countries. We can prevent crime by having very strict punishments for

EVERYONE. If people are not smart enough to keep this planet clean, government

should sacrifice some of their rights and freedoms for the good of the society. In

Singapore, you will be fined if you spit in public, chew gum, or forget to flush a public

toilet. In Germany, people are just smart enough to keep their country clean and some

fines are involved, too. People can get drunk, but if they do something illegal, they will

have to face the consequences.

I think people should buy and sell what they please. If I want to buy alcohol, I

should be able to do that and the person I want to buy it from should be able to sell it to

me. I am considered an adult in a movie theater and have to buy full price ticket, yet when

I want to buy wine or beer, I am NOT considered an adult. That is hypocritical. Capitalism

should not be totally uncontrolled, though. It should be illegal to buy and sell weapons

such as bombs, poison gas, or even firearms, for it may have a negative effect on the

present and the future of society. If any kind of gun should be sold, it should only be a

paint-ball gun.

Ayn Rand?s objectivism says that one should either be a true objectivist – believe

ALL its concepts – or not be an objectivist at all. I disagree with that. Rand did not invent

objectivism, she discovered it. It is not her right that the concepts cannot be changed,

therefore I can be an objectivist, but not believe in the original principles of it.

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