Nuclear Proliferation


Nuclear Proliferation Essay, Research Paper

With regards to Iran?s position on Nuclear Proliferation, it is compared to

the position of Iraq, which is a country that has already signed the Nuclear

Non-Proliferation Treaty but wants Nuclear weapons. Iran is a greedy country

waiting to get the technology to develop its Nuclear program and with recent

development and help by other countries such as China, North Korea, Russia, and

Kazakhstan, it leaves the west worried. CIA director, Robert Gates, testified

that Iran was seeking a Nuclear bomb and could have one by the year 2000 if the

West does not prevent it. (Washington Post; NOV. 17, 1992). Since 1991 Iran has

sought out the buy nuclear reactors to help it learn the technology such as in

1992 when it purchased reactors from former Soviet republics and China Only one

Middle East country owns nuclear weapons and that is Israel, which helps

Iran?s case because that then creates a super power in that area. As said by

Iranian leaders of Iran?s right to possess nuclear weapons and have suggested

that Muslim nations should acquire nuclear weapons to match Israel?s

capabilities. Along with Iran, Iraq is also trying to build a nuclear program

and are even closer than Iran is. Iran has signed the NPT but does not agree

with the contents. The treaty controls the export of nuclear technology to

prevent the spread of atomic weapons. Iran does not follow this since they have

been trying to import information on how to make these weapons. Since Iran is

trying to build a nuclear missile and is looking for information outside the

country, they do not agree with Non-Proliferation. Iran for years has tried to

buy information off of China on how to build a nuclear reactor and just lately

Russia. Ten private Russian companies were allegedly helping Iran with nuclear

technology. Since then the United States learned of Russian and Iranian

cooperation and has imposed sanctions on those companies. Nuclear information

needs to fall under internal matters and the International Atomic Energy Agency

and the United Nations should not try to regulate nuclear proliferation.

Countries that do not have nuclear weapons feel that to protect themselves

against countries that do have weapons so they need to keep on developing ways

to produce the weapons. If any country is a protocol for anti ? proliferation

it would have to be the United States. Many times they have stopped Iran from

buying and receiving nuclear information and materials from other countries.

Other anti ? proliferation countries should see what the US has done with Iran

and do the same. No the IAEA should not be strengthened. Non ?proliferation

countries should take control of the countries that are still evolved with

proliferation.. For example the United States has stopped Iran like in November

of 1992 when the US discovered Iran was on the verge of getting nuclear

equipment by China and Argentina and in 1994 when Iran attempted to buy 1320

pounds of enriched uranium from Kazakhstan. The United States has successfully

stopped many countries and other anti ? proliferation can do the same. The

committee can strengthen the UN?s efforts by providing new ways of stopping

countries that are providing nuclear information and those receiving it. If

there was a way to protect countries against other nuclear countries in their

region then it would ease proliferation. That way countries will not feel

unprotected if they do not have nuclear weapons.

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