Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Medicine Essay, Research Paper

Nuclear Medicine

There are many things to be said about Nuclear Medicine. During the 20th century the world has seen many changes in medicine. One of the most ingenious creations of the century in the health field is Nuclear Medicine and Radiology. It is easily argued that modern medicine is the greatest accomplishment in human history1. This is a very big achievement, in the fact that there have been some extraordinary inventions. Just to name a few: electricity, the telephone and even space travel. How can anyone imagine something bigger or possibly better than these?

Before modern medicine, doctors had an idea what was wrong with their patients; they just had no real way to find out until the first incision during surgery, when it was too late. In fact most patients had to have there body parts amputated, due to the fact that the doctors simply were not prepared for the damage once they cut the patient open for surgery. One of the problems wasn?t only the lack of technology or medicine but also the fact that the medical students were simply not prepared enough to be surgeons. For the simple fact that they had no experience with live patience, all they had to work with was organs from cadavers, dead bodies and dead animals.

The development of Radiology made diagnosing problems and surgical procedures much easier. This was the first medical practice to use radiation as a tool not a weapon.2 There were 3 fields discovered that were the most important at the time vacuums, electricity, and materials that can record visual images.

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