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Novel CritiqueStar Wars Essay, Research Paper

The novel Star Wars: A New Hope by George Lucas is one of the fashioning elements in modern Science Fiction. It shaped and moulded sci-fi into the popular genre it is today. The novel starts off about a boy on a dessert planet of tattoine. He lives with his uncle and aunt on a moisture farm. The boy sees a battle in space and goes to tell his friends in a nearby town. This is where the similarities between the novel and the movie stops. This event as well as others will be discussed in more depth but because of financial difficulty they edited parts of the novel out. This was a bad move in the part of George Lucas because he comes back and makes reference to these parts. One of the scenes missed was his first confrontation with Biggs Darklighter. This ends up being his best friend but in the movie you just think he’s some guy he knows. I don’t understand why he’s living with his aunt and uncle. He’s also on a moisture farm. I never heard of it but i guess you sell it except that if they are this advanced they could like just make it. Some people in Selkirk can make water so if you can fly and go in space than you can make some water. Also what do the little jawas eat. They pick up metal in their big sandcrawlers but what do they eat? They look like little druids with lights as eyes. That’s what the book said so i think that the movie did a good job. Luke met up with Obiwan-Kenobi and they found Han Solo and Chewbacca. Luke’s uncle got two droids from some jawas. These droids were on a calamari cruiser and they jettisoned in an escape pod because it was under attack. A princess decoded something onto the droid to find Obiwan-Kenobe. When it was sold to Luke by the Jawas and it took off to find obi-wan. (im having a hard time writing this without a lot of it summary so i’ll just start talking like you read the novel) I don’t know how the droid could find a man on a dessert planet. There’s lots of animals so it couldn’t have been heat sensors. I don’t think that there was a tracker on Obiwan, so how did it do it. Another thing is why did Luke find the guts to just run off on his uncle. If a stranger asked me to come with him, i wouldn’t. I think thast obiwan knew his father sparked something but running off is kind of extreme.

When the two of them get to Mos Eisley, how did the force work on every stormtrooper in town. I think that there has to be limit. I ‘m not sure if this is just the society but it seems kinda too wierd to just walk into a bar and find a pilot. I would like to just say that the novel was really graphic and really impressed me. When Obiwan cuts off an alien’s arm, instead of blood splatting everywhere, it cauterized, and didn’t bleed. I think that most authors would just start talkin about blood splattin everywhere but George Lucas thought out everything. If it is a “light”saber, it is extremely hot. In the novel it mentions how it is cool around one but the core is superheat that gives off pure light. This makes sense how when you see really hot flame, like a gas burner, it is light blue to white. So, when it cuts through a limb, it automatically clots the blood. It’s like when you cut off chicken heads, after you do a lot, the axe gets hot and it clots the blood on the chicken, and it runs around for a while. I look for these kind of things in novels. It tells me that an author really researched before just writing. I was kind of surprised how the novel flows together, the chapters carry on so well. They slow down a bit in between but he never ends a chapter on a concluding note. I stayed up all night reading it cause i couldn’t put it down. I read it again because it went so fast. Later in the novel he meets up again with his friend Biggs Darklighter who’s flying for the Rebels. This is in the movie but you don’t know where he came from. I think that this was a good part of the novel because it ties up all of the loose ends in the book. It pulls all of the past of Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker together. This novel in foresight was lacking but fulfilling at the same time. It had a good plot, excellent replay value, and you get to fit in with the character. The only lacking part is that it is short. I personally like a good long book that tells of an adventure, not a tale. If maybe the three novels were combined it would be better. I think this is one of my favorite novels as of now so I critique it the hardest. In general it’s the best novel and the worst, because if it is perfect, something is wrong with it.

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