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For my second literature review I chose to do nightmares. I found this topic very interesting. I learned something s I didn t know before. Mostly everyone has a nightmare some time in their life. A nightmare is a distressing dream, which usually causes a person to wake up. Although everyone has nightmares, there s a difference between kids nightmares and adult nightmares. Children usually tend to have nightmares about monsters. On the other hand adults usually have nightmares about actual humans trying to hurt them. There are a lot of things that cause nightmares. To name a few, they are if you are taking a medication or if you use certain drugs. That might cause them. Also if you are in withdrawal because of not taking a drug, that can cause nightmares too. A psychological problem can cause nightmares too. A nightmare may mean that you have a problem in your waking period. Fear can come from inner conflicts, and frustrations, which causes nightmares. A way to get rid of nightmares is actually confronting the monster or whatever it is. Also for children you might want to call a therapist. A few more prescriptions for nightmares are if being pursued turns to face the pursuer. Another one is if you being attacked do not give in meekly to the attack or flee. Incase your falling in one of your nightmares relax and allow yourself to land. The forth prescription is the paralysis response. If you fell trapped, stuck, or paralyzed, relax. The fifth thing is being prepared for an examination or speech response. On a final note, I would just like to say that: it is a good talk about your nightmares with family or friends, or a therapist. Especially children should do this.

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